Save Time & Money. Lower A1C.

Empower your patients to reach their health goals with the One Drop Diabetes Management Platform.

Ongoing Care → Outcomes

  • A1C

    1.32% reduction

    One Drop | Experts users reduced eA1C by 1.32% in as little as 3 months.

    Kumar S, Moseson H, Uppal J, Osborn CY, Heyman M, Juusola J. Impact of a diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching on glycemic control (63LB). American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions. 2017; San Diego, CA.

  • Average Blood Glucose

    185 > 158 mg/dL

    One Drop | Experts users reduced average blood glucose 27 mg/dL in just 1 month.

    Osborn CY, Heyman M, Dachis J. The One Drop mobile app and Experts program is evidence based and improves blood glucose. 2017 Annals of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, 51 (Suppl 1), S1-S2867.

What do you get?

  • Reports

    Make the most out of your time with patients with our reports – no cost to you.

    • Web-based, no wires or downloads
    • Real-time data
    • User-sent TLS encrypted reports
    • Glucose, food, medication, activity, weight and A1C history all in one place
    • Easy-to-read reports to help you pinpoint trends and treat
  • Beyond the Clinic

    Limited time with patients? Extend care beyond the clinic with our help.

    • Patients have access to a CDE 24/7
    • Educational resources always available
    • Curated content based on each individual’s situation

What do your patients get?

  • Lower A1C in just 2 months
  • FDA-approved Bluetooth glucometer
  • Test strips shipped on-demand
  • Personalized coaching
  • Web-based reports with real-time data
  • No insurance or Rx’s required