Get to Know Emily Davis, Founder of Chronically Healthy

Get to Know Emily Davis, Founder of Chronically Healthy

Emily has been doing the type 1 diabetes thing for almost 20 years.

On top of that, at the age of 18, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She'd been successfully managing her diabetes for a while, but it was her RA diagnosis that was life-altering.

Emily was handed a prescription for weekly chemotherapy and told to take Vicodin as needed. After a month of this treatment plan, Emily quickly realized she was not truly living anymore, and her illnesses had completely taken over her life.

Months of her own research resulted in a complete lifestyle overhaul, which led to a life free of rheumatoid arthritis. Emily's mission in life is to help others like her realize that a diagnosis is not a death sentence, but a chance to become your happiest and healthiest self. How is she doing that?

Emily founded Chronically Healthy: an online community of people with invisible illnesses (like diabetes, celiac disease, PCOS, chronic pain). Not only is it a support system, but also a place where Emily offers counseling and guidance through personal programs and training.

Not only that, but Emily also offers tons of insight and information on her blog. This post is a particular fave of ours. She also has great recipes and features of other diabadass ladies on the blog, so be sure to explore it all!

Emily also offers support, advice, and awesome nuggets of knowledge on Instagram and YouTube. Her light and positivity are super empowering and inspirational. This female entrepreneur is a total top-notch diabadass! 

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Mary Elizabeth
Dec 30, 2017

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