On the 2nd Day of Diabadass

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Meet Drew!

My whole life has been about overcoming medical issues, from being blind in one eye from a young age, to a very major foot surgery as a kid, in which I was told I would never run again or be able to compete in sports like most kids.

But any time someone has told me I can’t do something, I find it makes me push myself harder. So when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this past October, I was motivated to take full ownership of this thing and do whatever I could to make the best of a diabetes diagnosis.

On top of not feeling well at all and being hours away from DKA, I was having to process a lot of information at once, and contradicting information at that. This was the point at which I realized the best next steps I could take were to do my own research and start connecting with others like myself.

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In the few months I’ve had diabetes, I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined. And not just about diabetes. Through social media, I’ve learned about all those other people with diabetes out there -- I’ve been able to interact with others who are accomplishing amazing things physically, mentally, and communally.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that just because I have this diagnosis does not mean I’m limited as to what I can accomplish.

Life With Diabetes

I currently manage my diabetes with my One Drop meter, low carb eating, and exercising. Additionally, I take nightly Lantus injections to control my blood sugar throughout the day.

The most vital piece of information for me has been finding low carb. By eating low carb, I don’t have to rely on insulin injections during the day and I keep my blood sugars perfectly in-range. As soon as I became disciplined with my diet I saw instant blood sugar results, which is great for my A1C and my wallet!

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Another helpful piece on my diabetes journey has been my One Drop. Its ease of use and the amount of time it saves me each day makes my diabetes management that much easier and better.

Before using One Drop, a lot of my time was spent having to log my blood sugars into my phone or on a notepad. Then, I’d have to update my log later in the day, which was completely overwhelming given how often I check.

The bluetooth functions of my One Drop plus the app have put an end to all of that. Now, I just take a quick glance to see where I am for the day.

Living Beyond Diabetes

My wife, Lydia, and I currently live in Mars Hill, NC, along with our 8-year-old daughter and 11-month-old son.

To date, my biggest accomplishment is my business, Better Than Before Home Services. It’s my remodeling company, where we do anything from cross country moves, to full scale home remodels. I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building it to where it is today and I’m not done yet!

If I’m not working, I enjoy spending my time with family outside, whether it be going and adventuring around a local town, finding new farmers markets, or going on a new hike, which will typically lead to a waterfall if we’re lucky!

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If we aren’t outside or traveling on a new adventure, you can find me either in the kitchen or at my desk, bringing another one of my ideas, dreams, or thoughts to reality. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and tinkering, whether it’s through building or cooking.

One day, I hope to complete the Appalachian Trail in its entirety with the ones I love.

In the meantime, though, I’m taking things a day at a time. Will Rogers said it best:

“Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.”

Diabetes is hard; any person would love to live without the diabetes diagnosis and not worry about the highs and lows, or any of the other complications. But it’s also caused me to focus more on my health: on keeping a disciplined diet and to be more diligent about exercise.

My diabetes also keeps me motivated to accomplish more. For me, and for my family.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 11, 2019

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