Happy Halloween! Don't Get Spooked by Sugar Spikes

Happy Halloween! Don't Get Spooked by Sugar Spikes

Halloween might be looking a little different for you this year. But whether you've got plans for a big night out or you're keeping things low-key, many of us are still planning to celebrate! 

However you're celebrating, keep this holiday the right kind of spooky. Just because Halloween is all about the treats doesn't mean you have to spoil your blood sugars! Don't let them creep and crawl this year.

Instead, check out our top tips on how to have ultimate Halloween fun without the blood sugar haunts. 

Talk Trick-or-Treat Tactics

If you're a parent of a child with diabetes, sit down before the big-night-out and game-plan.

Most homes you visit will opt for the traditional sweets - that's OK! Because the trick to all this treating is going into it with a prepped mindset.

If your little prince or princess is rounding up treats house to house, put a limit on the pieces collected per household. Rather than filling up with a handful, just pick out one or two favorites. This will keep the booty stash low, and not around for quite as long. 

When you or your little one are ready to treat yourself to some of your most favorite candies, be sure to use this helpful reference guide to make sure you're counting the right carbs & giving correct insulin amounts. 

No #bgnow tricks this year, only treats!

Dish Out Candy Alternatives

There are plenty of other Halloween goodies out there besides candies. If you're in charge of staying at home to pass out the goods & don't want the temptation, stock up on spooktastic treats to hand out instead!

You'll be the best house in the neighborhood with treats like glow sticks, stamps, witch claws, light-up rings, Halloween-themed rubber duckies, glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls, and other creative, kid-approved Halloween faves.

Prevent a Snack Attack

Before going out, make sure you've had a delicious & nutritious meal or small bite to eat.

This will keep snacking urges to a minimum and prevent low blood sugars from happening from all the running around.

Stall the Stash

We've all been there: overindulging in fright-night fun. Resulting in a fright-filled 24-hour blood sugar rollercoaster!

Think about your well-earned stash this way: if you eat it all now (or most of it), you'll have to wait another year to enjoy more.

Instead, choose a few pieces of candy to eat on Halloween night; then, eat a few pieces each day after that.

You can even treat future hypos throughout the year with your Halloween stash! Just be sure it's the fruity kind (think: Skittles, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers), and not the chocolate kind (like Butterfingers, Hershey's, Reese’s Cups).

Throw a Halloween Party for the Family

We are all about a good trick-or-treat run around the block as an excuse to get our 10,000 steps in or close our rings for the day.

But sometimes it's even more fun to keep things simple at home. Have a pumpkin-carving contest with your family, then use the leftover pieces to make a warm, low-carb homemade pumpkin pie for all to enjoy.

While you wait, have a virtual costume contest with family and friends! And with these 9 low-carb & festive apps, your family house-party will definitely be one to howl about.

Have a wicked good Halloween! 🎃

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Oct 15, 2020

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