Healthcare Doesn’t Work for Everyone—But Precision Health Can

Healthcare Doesn’t Work for Everyone—But Precision Health Can

More than half of adults in the U.S. live with a chronic condition, but that doesn’t mean each person’s experience looks the same. And yet, our healthcare system tends to teach us one approach: react to chronic health issues, rather than get ahead of them. But precision health tackles chronic conditions with a different strategy: an investment in prevention.

Precision health means addressing us all as individuals, from our family history to our daily lifestyle habits, and using that 360-degree perspective to proactively take care of ourselves. It’s about spotting trends in factors such as blood sugar or blood pressure levels on your own time so you can understand what it means to live with a chronic condition, the power you have in preventing complications down the road, or even your risk of developing a chronic health issue if you don’t currently live with one.

Now, while everyone’s health journeys are unique, we also stand to learn a lot from one another, especially when it comes to living with a chronic condition. Think about it this way: If you live with diabetes and are close with someone who does, too, you’ve probably had conversations—and maybe even traded advice—with that person about your shared experiences, right? Well, what if you could harness the knowledge generated by billions of those types of conversations?

That’s what One Drop’s precision health approach aims to accomplish. Using machine learning models powered by 30 billion health data points, we can deliver potentially life-saving predictions, trends, and insights about your chronic condition. And, with the upcoming launch of our biosensor, we’ll be able to assess thousands of more data points every day, strengthening our predictive models even further.

As powerful as data may be, it’s nothing without action. From our coaching team of qualified health professionals to our personalized plans that help you tackle big challenges with small, realistic steps, One Drop empowers you with the knowledge, motivation, and support you need to achieve your goals.

Learn more about One Drop’s precision health approach below:

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Jeff Dachis
Oct 07, 2021

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