Innovation Health & Sanofi Announce Pilot Program with One Drop

Innovation Health & Sanofi Announce Pilot Program with One Drop


Innovation Health today announced their partnership with Sanofi to deliver One Drop’s integrated digital diabetes platform to people with type 2 diabetes through a new pilot program administered by the aforementioned Innovation Health, the unique collaboration between industry leaders Inova and Aetna. As part of the pilot program, Innovation Health, Sanofi, and One Drop will evaluate the impact of One Drop’s digital diabetes management solution on blood glucose management and medication-taking, as well as other related health outcomes


We will be working with both industry leaders to test health-based outcomes (lowered average blood glucose, more in-range blood glucose moments, lowered A1c) in people with type 2 diabetes. The program results will help all parties work more closely together to improve patient outcomes. “As a leader in diabetes, our ambition is to empower people with diabetes to live the life they want,” said Vice President of Innovative Solutions, US DCV at Sanofi, Sebastien Coisne. “We believe that combining innovative medicines with connected devices and solutions leads to better patient outcomes and an improved patient experience. As innovative solutions come to market, we are very excited to work with Innovation Health on this pilot program and trust it will provide further insights to achieve that goal.”


Working alongside Innovation Health and Sanofi, we'll be able to measure the impact of our digital health solutions. In turn, we'll also be able to further propel patient outcomes and medication adherence. The pilot program will study the impact made by these digital solutions on people with type 2 diabetes, ages 18-65. The findings will then be analyzed to gain insights into potential best practices in the market and overall treatment of people living with diabetes. At One Drop, we continue to push the needle in all aspects of diabetes management. We are thrilled to offer innovative solutions with our mobile app, bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor, and test strip & coaching subscription plans. Through our contributions to this pilot program, we are excited to see even more advancements in the digital health space.
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Mary Elizabeth
Sep 26, 2017

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