Low Carb Sandwiches, Enjoy a Sandwich WITHOUT the Carbs!

Low Carb Sandwiches, Enjoy a Sandwich WITHOUT the Carbs!

A low-carb lifestyle helps many of us manage our blood sugars. But ditching the bread doesn't mean cravings disappear! We all deserve a sushi night and a hearty deli wrap. With these grain-free recipes, it's easy to stick to a low-carb diet without missing out on flavor.

Step 1. Pick a base

Craving sushi?  Pick nori (seaweed). Dreaming of a burger? Sub out the bun for thick portobello mushroom slices. Wraps: Nori (seaweed), Lettuce Buns: Portobello mushrooms, Tomato slices, Cucumber boats, Bell pepper slices

Step 2. Pick a protein

Protein will make your bread-free meal delicious and satisfying. Roll up ham and turkey in lettuce for an on-the-go deli wrap Seafood: Sashimi, Tuna, Salmon Poultry: Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Burger Beef: Roast Beef, Burger

Step 3. Extras

Don't forget the cheese! Add a slice of provolone or other low-carb ingredients to amplify taste and texture. Dairy: Cheese Fruits: Tomato, Olives, Avocado, Cucumber Veggies: Pickles, Broccoli, Onion

Step 4. Add Flavor

Sugar-free spreads and sauces can give your meal a flavor boost! A dollop of mayo or a drizzle of hot sauce can go a long way Yum! Spreads: Mayonnaise, Cream cheese, Mustard Sauces: Hot sauce, Soy sauce

Step 5. Enjoy!

Check out these low-carb options for delicious inspiration.
sandwiches (1) Pesto Turkey Roll-Ups from Ambitious Kitchen (2) Rice-Free Sushi Rolls from Wholesome Cook (3) Egg Salad Lettuce Cups from A Healthy Life for Me (4) Bunless Burger from Low Carb Maven

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Andrea Lagotte
Jun 13, 2017

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