One Drop | Mobile

Everything you need to manage diabetes, all in one place.

Data in Context

  • Glucose

    Automatically sync data from One Drop | Chrome. Sync data from other glucose monitors via Apple Health (e.g. Dexcom, OneTouch Verio Sync, AccuCheck Aviva Connect and more).

  • Meds

    Get reminders to take your medications (diabetes and non-diabetes), automatically log scheduled medications without even opening the app, and track insulin pump basal rates.

  • Food

    Search the world’s largest built-in food and nutrition database. Scan barcodes, save favorites, and share photos of your meals. No need to do any math — One Drop counts the carbs for you!

  • Activity

    Automatically track activity using your phone’s built-in pedometer. Sync data from other activity trackers via Apple Health (e.g. Nike+ Running, UP by Jawbone, Garmin Connect and more).

Thousands of Integrations

User Reviews
  • “Beautiful visual interface and clear reports that the app can generate for my healthcare provider. Best of all is the news feed articles and community stream where you can see how other users are managing diabetes.”

  • “Smallest drop of blood! No more entering numbers in my phone! I love it all!”

  • “This is the app that gets it... Bluetooth blood glucose tracking works perfectly. Medication reminder and tracker in one. . . There is even someone who chats with you and checks up on you.“

  • “Finally a meter and strips I can afford. Experts are great too.... overall I love it and am totally happy with it!!!”

Want to lower A1C? Work with an Expert.


1.32% decrease

One Drop | Experts users reduced eA1C by 1.32% in just 3 months.


average blood glucose

185 > 158 mg/dL

In just 1 month, One Drop | Experts users reduced average blood glucose from 185 mg/dL to 158 mg/dL