Diabetes Self-care, Simplified

No prescriptions. No copays. No hassles. One Drop makes it easy to manage diabetes, lower your A1C, and live happier. For a limited time only, get 3 months of supplies:

  • Test strips and lancets for once daily testing
  • Personal coaching with a certified health professional
  • Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter

3-Month Diabetes Health Package

$89.99  $172.93


  • Glucose meter: Retail Value: $49.99
  • 100 Test Strips: Retail Value: $49.98
  • 100 Lancets: Retail Value: $12.99
  • Digital Membership with personal coaching: Retail Value: $59.97

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Total Value: $172.93
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A Single App for Better Health

Change your habits in three months with our award-winning One Drop Digital Membership:

  • Connect with a live personal coach
  • See the future with 8-hour glucose forecasts and insights 
  • Sync health data with thousands of apps
  • Track your A1C, meds, activity, glucose, food, and more

A Glucose Meter Like No Other

Get a reading in just five seconds with One Drop’s sleek and discreet glucose meter. Readings automatically sync with the One Drop app, so you can track your progress over time.


  • Smart glucose meter
  • Adjustable lancing device
  • Vegan leather carrying case
  • Test Strips (25 count)
  • Lancets (10 count)
  • Batteries