Where health meets human potential

We combine smart devices, an AI-powered digital platform, and one-on-one coaching to help people living with prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol stay healthier.

See How One Drop Works

The participant experience

Each participant’s experience is personalized at every step.

Program customization
Participants answer a few simple questions, so we can curate a program experience for their conditions, needs, and preferences. 

Orientation session
We offer every participant a one-on-one orientation session. A member of our success team will give a tour of the app and help with device setup.

Coach introduction
Coaches connect with participants on day one and continue to offer feedback, advice, and encouragement throughout the program.

AI-powered support
Health predictions and personalized advice help participants stay on track and make changes that last.

Smart devices

We send participants a smart glucose meter, blood pressure cuff, and/or scale depending on their conditions. Readings are automatically uploaded to the One Drop app, so participants can track their progress over time.

One Drop syncs with thousands of other popular apps and devices, so participants can see all their health data in one place.

We make it easy

Our turnkey program design and implementation make it simple to get started and see results.

Participant identification

We use eligibility and claims data to engage employees and family members who would benefit most from One Drop’s program and have a positive impact on your organization's healthcare costs.

Customized enrollment marketing
We use curated multi-channel campaigns to engage eligible participants to maximize enrollment and participation.

Outcomes reporting

We share performance reports that track enrollment, engagement, and clinical outcomes. 

Your trusted partner in health

Benefits consultants and brokers have selected One Drop as a preferred and trusted partner for their clients.

“One Drop has turned old school disease management programs upside down by delivering a highly personalized, digital self-care program that people actually want and value. They focus on the most prevalent conditions impacting employees and family members.”

Shira Wilensky | National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing

“The response from our consultant partners and employers has been overwhelmingly positive. Through this collaboration, we enable employers to proactively manage their high-cost population while helping employees and family members take charge of their health.”

Rod Reasen | CEO and Co-founder