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Delivering Behavioral, Clinical, Workplace, and Cost Savings Outcomes with One Drop’s Multi-Condition Program

In the face of climbing healthcare costs and the rise of chronic illness in an aging population, our current healthcare system leaves a wide chasm...

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Getting to the Heart of Employee Health and Wellness

Every employer wants a workforce that’s healthy, happy, and most of all, productive. Yet reaching that goal gets more challenging with chronic conditions on the rise...

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Mental Health, Chronic Conditions, and the Pandemic

Managing pandemic-related stressors, including grief and trauma, hasn’t been easy on the American psyche. A recent study by the American Psychological Association...

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The Power of Self-Care: How Qualified Health Coaches Can Help Your Employees and Company

Did you know there’s a way to create a happier, healthier workforce—and lower your healthcare costs? The answer is health coaching and...

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Changing Trends in Employer Health and Wellness Programs

Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 changed the way U.S. culture thinks about health and healthcare plans. Both employers and employees alike are...

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Solving the Chronic Condition Crisis with Proactive Self-Care

Along with COVID-19, chronic conditions are the principal health crisis of the 21st century. But the current healthcare system wasn’t designed to address them...

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Supporting Employees to Manage Post-Lockdown Weight Gain to Prevent Diabetes and Chronic Conditions

We’ve all read about (and experienced firsthand) how our habits changed during lockdown. Americans were more sedentary. We consumed...

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One Drop Coach Spotlight: Chauntel Herrod

When it comes to weight and body image—especially in the context of a chronic condition such as obesity or diabetes—it can be easy to sense judgment around...

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