Outcomes that stand out

Clinically effective approach. Meaningful results.

One Drop program participants experience life-changing results, including lower estimated A1C in as little as three months. Our program participants are more active, eat smarter, and build healthy habits that last.

1.9% eA1C reduction1

35 minutes of additional activity per week2,3

20g fewer carbs per meal2,3

Savings up to $2,450 per person per year

Our peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that One Drop lowers A1C by 0.8% to 1.9% in just 3 months. These A1C reductions can drive $1,000 - $2,450 in direct cost savings per participant per year.4,5,6,7 

Advancing health equity by improving outcomes

One Drop is committed to conducting outcomes research to the best of our abilities that investigates program effectiveness within historically marginalized and minority communities in a way that provides benefits to individual participants, does no harm, and generates meaningful insights for continuous program improvement.

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More than 20+ peer-reviewed publications and posters presented at national scientific meetings prove that One Drop delivers results for people living with chronic conditions.

The One Drop Diabetes iOS and WatchOS App with In-App Coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators Improves Blood Glucose, Carbohydrate Intake, and Physical Activity2,3

A Machine-Learning Model Accurately Predicts Projected Blood Glucose8

People with Type 2 Diabetes Paying for a One Drop | Expert Coach Improve and Maintain ‘At Goal’ Blood Glucose1

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