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We’re leading the paradigm shift from reactive healthcare that fixes problems after they happen to proactive healthcare that prevents problems altogether.

Smartphone showing One Drop's AI-powered glucose predictions and health insights

Collision avoidance for life 

Powered by data science and artificial intelligence, One Drop’s health forecasting and insights for blood pressure and glucose tell you where you’re headed and give you automated advice, so you can avoid problems before they happen.

Older Asian man with glasses and type 2 diabetes uses smartphone to access One Drop glucose predictions

The most accurate glucose predictions

With just a single blood sugar reading, members with type 2 diabetes can receive an accurate prediction of where their glucose levels will be up to 12 hours in advance.

Research shows that our glucose predictions are 91.9% accurate for low blood sugar and 91.6% accurate for high blood sugar in members with type 2 diabetes using continuous glucose monitors. This beats other machine learning models from leading competitors.

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“You can only learn so much by looking back at what already happened. We want to empower you to look ahead—to see what's coming and know what you can do about it. Like the collision-avoidance system in your car, glucose forecasts give you information in time for you to take action.”

Dan Goldner | PhD, VP of Data Science, One Drop

Smiling One Drop user with gray hair talking about how glucose predictions changed her life

“With AI glucose predictions, it’s a much more proactive rather than reactive way of looking at diabetes. I want to be proactive about my healthcare instead of dealing with a crisis at the end of the day.”

Julie B. | One Drop member

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