This box of 100 universal 33-gauge lancets work with our lancing device and many others.


Lancets are a tool used to prick the finger to get a small blood sample, which is then applied to a test strip. The lancet itself is a small cylinder that holds a needle in place and goes inside of your lancing device. Lancets are most commonly used for blood glucose testing in people living with diabetes. 

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Each box contains 100 lancets.

$12.99 100 lancets / box

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33-gauge lancets: less pain, better results

The most commonly used lancets are 28, 30, and 33 gauge. Higher gauge lancets have thinner needles, which means less pain and a better blood sample. Our lancets are 33 gauge only, giving you a more productive and less painful experience for your daily diabetes management.

A lancet for your whole diabetes health 

Our universal lancets work with almost any lancing device, but are most effective with One Drop products. Together, these products provide a complete, holistic method to managing your diabetes health. 

In addition to lancets, we provide a clinically effective Bluetooth-enabled smart glucose meter, an adjustable lancing device, and test strips. Shop diabetes supplies to learn more. 

Lancets as part of complete diabetes care

In addition to our disposable lancets and other diabetes products, our One Drop mobile app and diabetes management program can provide much more. Using our app, you get one-on-one coaching, so you aren’t managing your diabetes care alone. Plus, One Drop helps you achieve your goals with interactive lessons and AI forecasting that guide you along your health journey.

In addition to lancets, a lancing device, and other supplies, our Complete Diabetes program provides the following:
• A personal coach you can text to ask questions and get advice
• 8-hour glucose forecasts with actionable insights and alerts
• Personalized content library with recipes, stress management tips, exercise routines, and more
• Integration with the most popular health, fitness, and medical apps to help you track health data like A1C, blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, and more

How to use a disposable lancet

Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap.

Step 2
: Place a new lancet into your diabetes lancet device and remove the plastic end piece.

Step 3: Pick a depth from your lancet device dial. The higher the depth setting, the deeper the lancet will stick. If you have tough, calloused hands, pick a high setting to ensure the lancet penetrates your skin.

Step 4: Prick your finger from the side (not the fingertip) and draw one droplet of blood.

Step 5: Place your drop of blood on your test strip.

Step 6: Take the used lancet out of the device and properly dispose of it, either in a red biohazard container or hard plastic container for used needles.

Tips: Switch up the fingers you use for each sample rather than using the same finger each time. You may be able to use the palm of the hand or forearm as an alternative lancing site, but check with your doctor first.

Safety note: For a clean sample and the least pain, some say it is best to use a new lancet for each finger stick. Re-using dull needles can lead to infection and increased pain.