Blair Christopher

Type 2, 2015

"It's carbs!"

Why do you log your data?

I log my data because it helps me to see patterns and most importantly helps me avoid the really tricky carbs like pizza, french fries and bread. I control my diabetes mostly through diet, aiming for a budget of around 30g or carbs per meal, and when I test, I look for a blood glucose of no greater than 140 mg/dl (140 is pushing it though). It wasn’t easy at first, but logging has helped me to go from an A1C of 8.0 at diagnosis to a 5.2 four months later.

Why One Drop?

When I was first diagnosed, I downloaded several glucose logging apps… Being a mobile app designer, I knew that if it was on my phone, I was going to use it. I kept a folder of these apps and logged my numbers with each one. The apps that weren’t easy to use or understand would be deleted. It was a bit like survival of the fittest. Eventually, I downloaded One Drop and was drawn to it first by the design. It didn’t just look great, it was extremely easy to use. As I stuck with it, the One Drop team kept releasing new features that made the monotonous chore of logging my glucose quick and easy. My favorite feature of One Drop is a toss up between being able to see my averages (the last 7, days, last 30 days and monthly before that) and the super helpful food lookup for specific foods!


I try to keep busy even when I’m not chasing my 5 year old around the house or preparing for the arrival of our twins this Fall. When I have the time, I play guitar, head to the gym, run, and when the weather is nice I’m out doing yard work.

Favorite guilty-pleasure food?

This one’s easy. Pizza. I love it! It is a blessing and a curse. Some pizza won’t move my numbers more than a normal meal, while others will drive them through the roof!

Weirdest place you’ve checked your blood sugar / injected insulin / changed an infusion set … ?

I wouldn’t consider it a strange place, but I was nervous about checking my blood sugar at work. I would go into the bathroom and hide myself away, so that no one could see me. Eventually, I realized how silly (and inconvenient) that was and asked my coworkers if they were OK with me checking it at my desk. Of course they were and now no one even notices.

Anything you’ve learned on your diabetes journey that you’d like to share with the world?

There’s so much that I’ve learned and shared with others already and it hasn’t even been a year! The first thing I’d like to mention is that if you have Type 2 Diabetes, it doesn’t mean you are overweight or obese.
The first thing I hear in response to me telling someone I’m a Type 2 diabetic is “… but you’re so tiny!” Yes, not all overweight people have Type 2 Diabetes and not all Type 2 Diabetics are overweight. Sometimes people want to know more, and I’m happy to educate them.
Lastly (and most important to my journey so far), it’s carbs! Sure, sugar isn’t great for me. But that isn’t the end of the story by far! Bread, rice, potatoes. All not great for me. In fact, probably worse than a little sweet treat! Fruit is a health food for most, packed with vitamins and fiber. But not necessarily for me. I count carbs, not calories. A carbohydrate breaks down into a sugar and sure, most people’s systems can handle that. My system is a little different. It doesn’t mean I have to eat different, special diabetic foods. But it does mean that I have to be a little more careful about the kind of foods I eat.

And please don’t get offended if I don’t eat the dessert you made for me and my family.

"One Drop Stories showcase how members of the One Drop community celebrate the drop each day. Every finger prick is an opportunity to take control of your diabetes and live your life to the fullest. " -Blair Christopher T1D

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