Julie Beck

Type 1, 1997

"I can't make the rest of the world change for me, but I can make the changes that are best for me"

Why do you log your data?

I log my data sometimes because I know it is “the right thing to do.” When I feel as though my choices have been healthy I log to see if it made or makes a difference. I really log my data to see my grandson grow up but it is easy to lose sight of that sometimes.

Why One Drop?

I’ve struggled over the years with losing my “little diabetes book” and ever since my diagnosis I have been searching online for some type of app that would help me do what I want. Most apps I found must not have been developed by anyone truly familiar with diabetes. They would track one thing but not another, good at exercise but not at carbohydrates. I probably downloaded at least 8 different apps, tried them all and was not happy with what the end results were. None of them allowed me to put together the information essential to diabetes management: food, meds, exercise, and glucose checks. I really love the nutrition and food choices part of One Drop. It is so comprehensive and I can enter in the name of the many national restaurants and grocery stores and get exactly what I am looking for. I love the ease with which I can enter data at a later time. Sometimes I just don’t want to sit with friends entering my food/etc when we are together. Putting a photo of my food in with the description gives me a chance to make my plate pretty, to realize that food isn’t the enemy. To be honest, it even makes me a little bit more accountable for what I am eating. Which I think is a good thing. I love the visual representations of exercise, food, movement and medications. It is another visual tool that helps me. The choice of easy exercise reminds me that all movement is important. I have had sedentary jobs for the last 30 years so lots of time spent sitting.


Well where to start! I love anything to do with art. I have been a basket weaver for thirty years, I have sold paper craft supplies for a home demonstration company for about 5 years, I am taking watercolor painting classes, I am a member of a local artists’ association so I can appreciate what others do. I volunteer for our local hospice as a respite visitor. I recently started volunteering for a local project that is helping low income individuals to winterize their homes. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. We have a bird feeder and I love to sit and watch the birds.

Favorite guilty-pleasure food?

I have to admit to more than one. The first is Culver’s custard. They have a flavor of the day and Turtle Dove is my favorite.

Weirdest place you’ve checked your blood sugar / injected insulin / changed an infusion set … ?

Weirdest place I checked blood sugar is a tough one. My husband would say when I check it when we go out to eat he thinks that is pretty weird, but I don’t.

Anything you’ve learned on your diabetes journey that you’d like to share with the world?

I have learned that no matter how hard I wish, hope, pray, that diabetes is here with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I have to remind myself to be kind to myself. Perfection isn’t the answer to solving this complex disease that is here with me till the end. I get sad about it sometimes. I could kick myself sometimes for choices in the past. But mostly I am glad for every opportunity to live life again tomorrow. I can’t make the rest of the world change for me, but I can make the changes that are best for me!

"One Drop Stories showcases how members of the One Drop community celebrate the drop each day. Every finger prick is an opportunity to take control of your diabetes and live your life to the fullest." - Julie Beck, T1D

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