Natalie Howkins

Type 1.5 LADA 2015

Don't be afraid to ask question and put yourself out there, because that is the way to learn

Why do you log your data?

I am a numbers person. I love data. I save all my logs in a folder and… well, I don’t even know why! It helps to look back at how certain foods, exercise, and illness affect my body and learn from them. I also use old data to look back and see if I see my numbers are rising in general. This helps me make necessary adjustments. Since I am Type 1.5, I am losing my own ability to make insulin and logging keeps me aware of how much, if any, insulin I am still producing.

Why One Drop?

The huge food database is one of my favorite parts. It makes carb counting much easier and takes the guess work out of many foods.

One Drop also a great way to share your data with others — they can see what’s going on with your diabetes in an understandable way.


I love swimming, sailing, fishing, boating and being on the beach with my husband and two young sons. I love taking exercise classes at the gym and getting out of my head a little… and grooving to the music. I also REALLY love traveling to warm destinations.

Favorite guilty-pleasure food?

Chocolate ice cream. Hands down.

Weirdest place you’ve checked your blood sugar / injected insulin / changed an infusion set?

Stuck on the tarmac in an airplane with a two year old in my lap. Talk about stressful!

Anything you’ve learned on your diabetes journey that you’d like to share with the world?

On this journey I have learned that I am not alone. The diabetes community is a h2 one and everyone is willing to help, teach, and support one another. It’s really amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and put yourself out there, because thats the best way to learn. I approached another woman at the pool just last week because I noticed her Omnipod and Dexcom. We sat and talked for an hour about diabetes and our experiences. I am so glad I did and she was thrilled to get to share what she has learned over the years. Diabetics are the sweetest (literally).

Closing remarks?

What may seem like the end is really only the beginning. We are capable of so much and made even h2er while faced with challenge and that pertains to diabetes. Pay it forward, help others, and help yourself.

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