The One Drop 12 Days of Diabadass

The One Drop 12 Days of Diabadass - One Drop

It’s that most wonderful time of year! It’s time for the annual One Drop 12 Days of Diabadass

It’s the time we reflect on how far we’ve come in the past year -- a time to be grateful, thankful, and in awe of what we are all doing together as a community and as a family of people (all over the world) living and thriving with diabetes. 

Diabetes: The Best of 2019

So many advancements have happened in the last year alone for people living with diabetes.

This year the House Diabetes Caucus introduced the Insulin Price Reduction Act, which asks manufacturers to return insulin products to their 2006 cost, a move which would also exempt insulin from health plan deductibles.

In May, Colorado took matters into their own hands: they became the first state to cap insulin costs at $100 for those insured; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota followed suit, saying they will fully cover clients’ insulin costs beginning in 2020.

For the first time ever, Apple began selling a diabetes product (the One Drop meter!) in its stores; not to be outdone, Walmart followed suit.

Low carb and keto ways of eating (both of which we are huge fans of here at One Drop) are becoming not only more mainstream, but increasingly being clinically acknowledged as better ways to manage blood sugars for both people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

one drop diabetes apple store - one drop in apple - apple diabetes - apple sells one drop diabetes - apple diabetes healthcare

Maggie Crawford, a speed mountaineering competitor, a doctoral candidate at UC San Diego, a surfer, and model, was featured in Athleta’s spring campaign, proudly sporting her Dexcom. This kind of national diabetes exposure in a fashion campaign was a first. And a major win for diabetes awareness.

One Drop came out with not only one, but two AI advancements. At June’s American Diabetes Association conference, we rolled out blood sugar predictions in-app for people with type 2 diabetes, on-insulin. Then, in November, we announced even further prediction capabilities for people wearing continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

athleta diabetes - diabetic model - maggie crawford athleta - diabetes model in athleta

And that’s all just scratching the surface.

People Who Have Diabetes are Diabadass

All of these continued advancements are only made possible with the support, accountability, encouragement, advocacy, and love that is spread throughout our community.

Together, we are making massive strides in the world of diabetes. Together, we are making our lives with diabetes better.

So who are we? We are people from the west coast. People from every coast, and in between. People on keto. People on pumps. People checking blood sugar once a day. People checking blood sugar 14 times a day. People commuting 1 hour a day, or people commuting 5 minutes a day. People who are 4 years old, and people that are 94 years old.

checking blood sugar - diabetes blood sugar - who has diabetes - real people with diabetes - blood glucose and diabetes - diabetes blood glucose

We are the people all over the world, coming from every single background, that live with diabetes.

And we are diabadass. 

The One Drop 12 Days of Diabadass

We’re highlighting 12 people who comprise our all-star team to give us more insight into the members of this kick-ass, superhero family. And, to remind us all, that we are never alone in our lives with diabetes.

Over the next 12 days, we’ll show you other people -- just like you, or not like you at all! -- who have diabetes. Where they come from, what their life is like, and how diabetes affects them.

people with diabetes - real life people with diabetes - type 1 diabetes - type 2 diabetes - prediabetes - real life diabetics

Telling these stories highlights the phenomenal victories of people living with diabetes. It’s also a way to show and tell you that you can and should live and go beyond your diabetes! That living a marvelous and wonderful life with diabetes is absolutely possible.

Join us over these next few days to celebrate each other! And always remember that you have a massive, heroic, fabulously extraordinary family in all of us that live with diabetes. 💖

We are all in this, together! 

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 10, 2019

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