On the 3rd Day of Diabadass

On the 3rd Day of Diabadass - One Drop

Meet Kevin! AKA Polar Bear ❄️

Hello! My name is Kevin Harris. My friends call me Polar Bear because I really like cold weather, most especially snow! I was born in Kansas City, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2011.

I have to admit, it really shocked me. I wasn’t experiencing any of the usual diabetes symptoms. While it was a scary moment in my life, I was determined to get things under control.

About two months after my diagnosis and after doing some homework, I chose to become a pescetarian (a vegetarian who also eats seafood). I spent most of the next year keeping my blood sugar in check. By the following May, my doctor took me off my diabetes medication.

But diabetes isn’t like a cold or the flu, it doesn’t go away -- it’s always with you.

Fighting the Good Fight

After working really hard for two years to keep things under control, I simply caved. I was back on my diabetes medication and still am. I do still strive to keep my blood sugar in check, and I have good days and bad.

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But one tool that’s really helped me, which I began using about 2 years ago, is the One Drop system. I have been continually impressed by the technology behind it. One Drop truly helps me keep my glucose values in check.

I don’t think I could do as good a job keeping my diabetes under control without One Drop.

More to Life Than Diabetes

When I’m not fighting the good fight against diabetes, I’m a User Experience (UX) designer, and I specialize in making great web and mobile experiences for end-users.

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I enjoy spending time with my two whippets: Tango & Kody. For those who aren’t familiar, whippets are similar in appearance to greyhounds, but about 25% smaller (25-35 lbs).

I also spend time playing online games. I’ve been a gamer now for over twenty-five years, fifteen of which have been spent in World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment!

When I’m not gaming or spending time with my dogs, I compose classical music. I’ve been playing piano since I was seven. I also enjoy writing stories and cooking!

diabetic pets

Lastly, and most amazing of all, is that in 2015 I was reunited with my biological family (I was adopted when I was 7 days old). I have two amazing sisters and an awesome family.

We are all Kansas City Chiefs fans -- GO CHIEFS!

I currently live in Northern Virginia, but hope to move back to the midwest someday.

Total Diabadass Domination

And that’s my story! I hope that whoever reads this will find encouragement and know that you, too, can dominate your diabetes. 🥊

It takes effort, but it’s possible. As my adoptive mother used to always tell me when I was young, “You can do anything you set your mind to do,” and live my entire life by that!

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 12, 2019

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