Fighting the Good (Diabetes) Fight

On the 3rd Day of Diabadass - One Drop

Hello! My name is Kevin Harris. My friends call me Polar Bear because I really like cold weather, most especially snow! I was born in Kansas City, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April 2011.

I have to admit, it really shocked me. I wasn’t experiencing any of the usual diabetes symptoms. While it was a scary moment in my life, I was determined to get things under control.

About two months after my diagnosis and after doing some homework, I chose to become a pescatarian (a vegetarian who also eats seafood). I spent most of the next year keeping my blood sugar in check. By the following May, my doctor took me off my diabetes medication.

But diabetes isn’t like a cold or the flu, it doesn’t go away—it’s always with you.

Fighting the Good Fight

After working really hard for two years to keep things under control, I simply caved. I was back on my diabetes medication and still am. I do still strive to keep my blood sugar in check, and I have good days and bad.

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But one tool that’s really helped me, which I began using about two years ago, is the One Drop system. I have been continually impressed by the technology behind it. One Drop truly helps me keep my glucose values in check.

I don’t think I could do as good a job keeping my diabetes under control without One Drop.

More to Life Than Diabetes

When I’m not fighting the good fight against diabetes, I’m a user experience (UX) designer, and I specialize in making great web and mobile experiences for end-users.

I enjoy spending time with my two whippets: Tango & Kody. For those who aren’t familiar, whippets are similar in appearance to greyhounds, but about 25% smaller (25-35 lbs).

I also spend time playing online games. I’ve been a gamer now for over twenty-five years, fifteen of which have been spent in World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment!

When I’m not gaming or spending time with my dogs, I compose classical music. I’ve been playing piano since I was seven. I also enjoy writing stories and cooking!

diabetic pets

Lastly, and most amazing of all, is that in 2015 I was reunited with my biological family (I was adopted when I was seven days old). I have two amazing sisters and an awesome family.

We are all Kansas City Chiefs fans—GO CHIEFS!

I currently live in Northern Virginia, but hope to move back to the midwest someday.

Total Diabadass Domination

And that’s my story! I hope that whoever reads this will find encouragement and know that you, too, can dominate your diabetes. 

It takes effort, but it’s possible. As my adoptive mother used to always tell me when I was young, “You can do anything you set your mind to do,” and I live my entire life by that!

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 12, 2019

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