It's Like Texting With a Friend: How Chris Uses One Drop to Follow His Passion

It's Like Texting With a Friend: How Chris Uses One Drop to Follow His Passion

After not feeling well for a few years, Chris decided it was time to visit his primary care physician. Diabetes runs in his family, so the doctor’s diagnosis that he had type 2 diabetes came with little surprise. “Relieved,” is how Chris describes feeling after hearing the news. “Now I could do something about it.”

Before leaving the doctor’s office that day, Chris made it his goal to live past 65, the age when both his father and grandfather passed away from diabetes. “I didn’t want to be the third.”

However, the path to better health felt overwhelming at first. “Changing habits is hard. It might seem like you’re at the bottom of a mountain and have to climb to the top,” says Chris. To get there, he would need something that could not only help him manage his blood sugar, but also provide support and education on steps he could take each day to get to better health.

Chris soon discovered what he was looking for. 

With the One Drop Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter, Chris can easily check his blood sugar and have each reading sync with the One Drop app. “The readings not only help keep me on track, but I can also share them during doctor visits,” notes Chris.
He also doesn’t have to worry about waiting at the pharmacy or traveling far for his supplies. “The One Drop test strips arrive right to my door.”

But tracking blood sugar is only one part of improving your health and diabetes management. Chris also uses the app to log physical activity like walking to see how much exercise he is getting during the day. “Since starting One Drop, I’ve been able to lose 40 pounds,” says Chris.

What stands out most to Chris is being able to work with his One Drop personal health coach on ways to improve his diabetes. One Drop coach, Lindsay, RD, CDCES, certified personal trainer, and certified health coach, has helped him develop a plan that focuses on making behavior and lifestyle changes to improve his diabetes as well as overall health. “If I have a question about my condition, I don’t have to wait weeks until my next doctor visit or go through insurance,” says Chris. “It’s like texting with a friend.” 

Part of their plan was getting Chris back on the open ocean. As a lover of all things water-based, Chris was able to incorporate his passion for sailing as a way to enjoy some physical activity and, of course, relax. “My care plan is to do things that are calming,” explains Chris. “With sailing, you get a chance to see every star in the sky, unforgettable sunsets. Things you never thought you’d see.”

Docking in port after a long yet fulfilling day amongst the ocean air, Chris reflected on how far he has come since that initial doctor visit. “In the world we live in now, you have to take charge of your own health. One Drop has been a partner in that.”

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Daniel Engelke
Jun 11, 2021

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