One Drop and Withings Are Taking the Stress Out of Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions

One Drop and Withings Are Taking the Stress Out of Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions

It’s estimated that 40% of adults in the U.S. have two or more chronic conditions, with diabetes, heart disease, and stroke among the leading causes of death, disability, and skyrocketing healthcare costs.

When it comes to addressing multiple chronic conditions, research shows that a holistic approach can create better outcomes, which makes sense. People are complex, and complexity demands nuanced, comprehensive methods.

To help people living with multiple chronic conditions achieve complete health, we’ve teamed up with Withings, a leader in connected health technology, to offer more tools that make day-to-day health management easier. Their best-in-class smart blood pressure monitor and scale are now available in the One Drop store and seamlessly integrate with the One Drop app. 

Find out more about One Drop’s new Withings offerings below:


Complete Heart Health

Whether you're setting heart health goals now or preventing future issues, Complete Heart Health can help you maintain momentum with ease. You'll get a Withings Body smart scale, a Withings BPM Connect smart blood pressure monitor, and access to a personalized health plan via One Drop Premium.

Get Complete Heart Health

Complete Blood Pressure

Keep an eye on your heart with Complete Blood Pressure, which includes a Withings BPM Connect blood pressure monitor and a One Drop Premium membership. Once you pair your One Drop app with the Withings monitor, you'll be able to explore daily insights and learn about long-term trends in your health.

Get Complete Blood Pressure

Complete Weight Management

Complete Weight management helps you reach your weight goals with expert, judgment-free guidance. Readings from the Withings Body smart scale upload directly to the One Drop app, so you'll always know where you stand on your health journey. Plus, with One Drop Premium, you can build healthy habits by logging your meals, activity, and other health data.

Get Complete Weight Management

Complete Diabetes

Say hello to Complete Diabetes. You'll get a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter, annual or monthly test strip plan, and access to one-on-one coaching, health forecasts, actionable insights, and personalized plans via One Drop Premium. Learn more about where your blood sugar is heading, and track your weight, A1C, activity, and more.

Get Complete Diabetes

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Allie Strickler
Aug 11, 2021

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