Estimated A1c Tracking Now Available on iOS and Android!

Estimated A1c Tracking Now Available on iOS and Android!

You Asked, We Answered.

In fact, we engineered and created! You kept giving us feedback about implementing an estimated A1c in-app. And we heard you! We wanted it, too!

And now, we've got it. Introducing, One Drop estimated A1c for iOS and Android. One Drop will now calculate and display your estimated A1C based on your blood glucose readings. BOOM!

>>> Need the app? Download it here! <<<

Estimated Average Blood Glucose Calculator

That's what you now have 24/7 access to :) Your very own, personal A1c tracker, right in the palm of your hand.

Essentially, One Drop calculates a new A1c for you every day, based on the blood glucose readings you have in your app.

These readings can come from manual entries, Chrome syncing entries, CGM entries — whatever method you're currently using to enter in your blood glucose data!

How To Access Your Personal A1c Calculator

We made it super easy. Simply go into your One Drop app Settings (you know, the gear icon), then scroll down and tap on Health Goals.

On the Health Goals screen, you'll see your estimated A1c ready & waiting in the magenta box!

Also newly available is blood pressure tracking, which you'll see right beneath your estimated A1c.

Again, those steps are:

One Drop Settings > Health Goals

That's it!

Why Do I Need This A1c Thing?

Having a personal A1c tracker at your fingertips can be motivating. While a true lab A1c is the most accurate, we can only get those (at the very most) every 3 months. And even that's pushing it!

But with an A1c tracker, one that calculates and displays your estimated A1c daily, you'll be more in-tune with how your current diabetes regimen is going. At One Drop, we are all about empowering ourselves. 💪 And this kind of information does exactly that.

Keep tabs on your own estimated A1c! Compare the number you're seeing in your app to our A1c chart

Are you currently in-range? Are you where you want to be on that chart? What could you be doing differently to get to where you want to be?

Then, when you go in to see your doctor the next time around, let us know the final results!

estimated average glucose calculator - diabetic a1c levels

Thank you for being part of our family ❤

It's thanks to you that we're able to offer such awesome new features.

Your feedback is more helpful than you know; it's thanks to you taking the time to write in that we are able to make changes and updates like these. These two major updates are now available for both iOS and Android!

So take a look, compare with your actual A1c lab results, and let us know what you think! Happy A1c tracking, from all of us at One Drop. 😊

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jul 22, 2018

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