The One Drop Guide to Chronic Kidney Disease

The One Drop Guide to Chronic Kidney Disease

The kidneys are the body’s ultimate filtration system. This pair of organs continuously cleans out large amounts of blood in the body through urine production in order to:

  • remove fluid and acid build up
  • maintain the optimal balance of water, minerals, and salts
  • regulate blood pressure
  • remove wastes and toxins

The kidneys also produce hormones that help to balance blood pressure, make red blood cells, and keep bones strong. 

These incredibly intricate organs are constantly at work to keep the rest of the body in chemical balance. We cannot survive without properly functioning kidneys, so supporting optimal kidney function is vital. 

Take a look at the One Drop chronic kidney disease infographic below to better understand what damages our kidneys, how to spot kidney damage, and how to slow the progression of kidney disease.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Mar 09, 2022

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