Having One Drop in Your Corner

Having One Drop in Your Corner

A few years ago, Elvis, a precision metal machinist working outside of Chicago, wasn’t feeling well. 

He was constantly dehydrated and often his vision was blurry. His wife noticed and suggested that he see his doctor to find out what was going on. That’s when Elvis discovered he had type 2 diabetes. “My doctor said, ‘Your A1C is 14.7 and your blood sugar is 750.’ I didn’t know what it meant,” said Elvis. “I was in shock.”

Shock soon turned into confusion as Elvis was unsure how to manage his T2D in between visits to his doctor. “The only thing I got from the doctor was a book and a ‘good luck,’” explained Elvis. “Soon, my blood sugar and A1C were out of control. I was also overweight. There was a feeling of neural pain all over my body. I sort of gave up.”

Then, Elvis discovered a solution. While searching in the Apple App store, he discovered an app that provided information about his T2D, a way to monitor it, and one-on-one coaching that could help him live healthier with his chronic condition. One Drop had answered his call. 

“I made a promise to my family to get in better health,” said Elvis. “One Drop had all the information I needed to do it.” 

To monitor his blood sugar, Elvis connected the Bluetooth-enabled One Drop glucose meter to the One Drop app. There, he’s able to look at past readings to better understand the effects that food, exercise, and medications have on his blood sugar. The One Drop app also connects Elvis with educational resources, everything from nutritious recipes to exercise routines, that help him keep his blood sugar in balance and improve his overall health. 

One Drop not only provides Elvis with the tools he needs to better manage his T2D; it inspired him to get in the ring. As a diehard fan of the Rocky movies, Elvis had always been drawn to boxing as a sport. However, it wasn’t until he connected with his One Drop personal health coach, Lindsay, RD, CDCES, CPT, that his dream to get in the ring himself became reality. “When I put the gloves on, it was like magic,” he said. “It just felt so good. I knew it was a workout I could stick to.”

Since joining One Drop, staying healthy has become something Elvis and his family do together. His wife and son have joined his journey and together, they are learning ways to enjoy smarter food options and stay active. “Now I’m excited to eat, play with my son, go on a walk, and feel good,” he said. 

Through the One Drop Facebook group, Elvis has discovered a community of other people looking to improve their health, too. He shares recipes and photos of his culinary creations and asks for support from people who really understand what he’s going through. 

“My goal is to bring diabetes awareness to everyone,” said Elvis, “and let everyone know this is serious, but there is a way to manage it and control it.”

Watch Elvis’s full story below.

One Drop user, Elvis

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Daniel Engelke
May 05, 2021

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