Stay on Track With Diabetes While Traveling

Stay on Track With Diabetes While Traveling - One Drop

Whether it’s a sudden work trip or week-long getaway, travel with diabetes can feel daunting. But once you get the hang of it, traveling with diabetes can be a breeze! Here are top tips for staying on track even when you’re halfway around the world:

Pack Smart

Expect healthy snacks to be few and far between. Add your favorite protein bars, beef jerky, and other quick, healthy snacks to your packing list! Having these on-hand will ensure that you aren’t tempted to reach for the carb-heavy, sugar-bomb alternatives.

💡 Pro-tip: Keep a small container of nuts and seeds in your bag. They won’t spoil and are full of healthy, satiating fats. Cheese and vegetable sticks are other great travel-ready options that are full of fiber and healthy fats, so you’ll stay fuller, longer, and won’t have to worry about blood sugar spikes!

Victories in the Buffet Line 

Heads up! Buffet lines are an easy trap. Be mindful of your buffet choices. Instead of that bagel, opt for the eggs! Grab a bowl of yogurt instead of cereal!

Buffets can actually be awesome -- there’s typically lots of variety (think: options!), so you can load up on eggs, bacon, plain yogurt, vegetables, and plenty of other healthy proteins and fats to keep you full.

Before you go back for seconds -- and thirds -- ask yourself: – would you usually have toast, bacon, eggs and a side of pancakes for breakfast at home? Sometimes it’s just a matter of making the right choice. Opt for hard boiled eggs instead of fried, choose the plain yogurt over flavored, and avoid juices.

Remember: moderation and choice are key. 

Walk It Off

Skip the Uber ride and walk instead! Walking will get you moving and burn more calories, especially if you don’t have access to a gym or have a jam-packed work schedule. It’s also the best way to explore a new place!

Walk to and from meetings, take the stairs instead of using elevators, or find a scenic spot to hike and explore your surroundings. Booking a hotel with gym access is another great way to keep up your exercise regimen while traveling. Most hotel gyms will have a treadmill, dumbbells and some basic gym equipment to knock out a quick workout.

If a gym isn’t available, that’s fine, too! Walking is such a great way to not only check out a new place, it works such wonders for blood sugars. If you find yourself in the high blood sugar zone, fast-paced walks can send blood sugars down, sometimes without any insulin required. Plus, it’s a great way to earn the rest of your meals for the day!

💡Pro-tip: With all that walking, be sure you have snacks or a low blood sugar stash on-hand. Walking especially brings blood sugar down, so be prepared. Learn what to use here

Simple Is Always Better

Eating out is part of travel. But just because you can’t cook your own meals doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy choices to stay on track to achieving your goals!

The trick is to keep it simple. Order grilled when possible: grilled steak, chicken, or fish. When you’re checking out the menu, choose the grilled entree. Sometimes, you can even work out a grilled option with something else on the menu!

Choose the entree that comes with vegetables. Skip calorific dressings and ask for a side of olive oil to dress your own salad. Avoid deep-fried or battered options; pick the tomato-based sauces over cream or butter-based sauces.

Always remember portions. Does your entree look more like 2 meals? Eat half and save the rest for later! And especially if you’re on vacation, remember there’s another awesome, delicious meal just around the corner. 


Consistency with nutrition and exercise is key when it comes to traveling with diabetes. So get out there! You’ve got this.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Feb 24, 2020

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