Indulging Mindfully: ChipMonk's New Line of Low Carb Sweets

Indulging Mindfully: ChipMonk's New Line of Low Carb Sweets

When we first met ChipMonk co-founder Jose Hernandez, ChipMonk Baking was only cookies. Delicious, low carb, variety-flavor, soft-bake cookies. Since then, though, and perhaps because of an insatiable sweet-tooth, Jose has been furiously experimenting and baking to find even more delectable treats those of us with diabetes (Jose included) can enjoy.

Because it’s diabetes that’s at the heart of everything that goes on at ChipMonk Baking. When Jose was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016, he had loads of health and wellness experience under his belt: he was a self-proclaimed health-nut, specializing in holistic approaches to wellness through conscious food choices and lifestyle tweaks.

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When his doctor gave him the diagnosis, Jose was astonished. He was a personal trainer and had always been in seemingly great shape. Which is why, when his doctor suggested that he begin metformin, Jose turned it down. He already knew that the secret to successfully managing his diabetes meant an entire revamp of his diet.

Jose quickly, easily, and successfully lowered his blood sugars back to normal levels via a strict low carb, high fat diet. In just 2 months, Jose went from a starting A1C of 6.9% to 5.3% simply by changing his food habits.

A Need for Healthy, Low Carb Treats

Like so many of us, though, Jose could not deny his sweet tooth, to the point that it would occasionally get the better of him (and his blood sugars).

And when he opted for the healthy dessert alternatives—again, like so many of us—Jose was sorely disappointed by what was available. Every low carb treat or sweet tasted like cardboard, had no density, was crumbly or chalky, or was packed with hidden sugars and carbs.

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Jose simply could not satiate his need for sweets. He tried all of the alternatives, but nothing came close to the real thing. So, he started making his own.

Determined to create something that was both healthy and tasty, Jose began experimenting with cookies in his home kitchen, and Chipmonk cookies were born. But Jose couldn’t stop there. Cookies are only one way to indulge; Jose wanted treat options like everyone else. So he got to work, in his home kitchen, making his next creation: Chipmonk Cookie Bites.

A New Low Carb Sweet Treat Alternative

Chipmonk’s new treats are technically cookie bites, but they taste and feel more like brownie bites, the ones you can pop into your mouth one by one by one. Except these are sunflower seed flour based, rather than the traditional white, wheat flour base.

These new bites are right in line with the rest of the Chipmonk products (sugar-free, gluten free, and low in carbs), but the sunflower seed flour has less fat, more fiber, and more protein. It's also rather unique because it's a nut-free option in the keto/low carb space.

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Choose from Chocolate Espresso, Red Velvet, Cinnabun, and Banana Chocolate Chip, all of which are packed with fiber, protein, and the healthy fats your body needs. And they’re not just full of nutritional value. All of Chipmonk’s Bites are low carb. Every bite has 8g of carbs; when paired with the fiber, protein, and fats, those carbs are released slowly, meaning virtually no sugar spikes.

After dinner is when my sugar craving hits. For the last month or so, I’ve been able to curb my craving with a bite or two post-dinner. Usually, I only have to dose 1u of fast-acting insulin; sometimes, I don’t need to dose at all.

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Not to mention, they taste ridiculously good. Most low carb, healthy sweets out there have a funky texture or gross aftertaste. But Chipmonk’s brownie bites are a perfect morself of sweetness. It’s a soft, chewy, dense bite with that perfect, not-overly-sweet sweetness. Using ingredients like pure cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate chips only enhances the richness in every bite.

These bites are indulgence at its finest.

Check out all the options! Once you’ve tried all the flavors, be sure to subscribe—Chipmonk makes small-batch, unique flavors (like butter pecan and pumpkin spice) that are only available to subscribers.

Happy (mindful) indulging!

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Nov 25, 2020

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