On the 6th Day of Diabadass

On the 6th Day of Diabadass - One Drop

Meet Megan!

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Megan Bergin calls Baltimore home to this day. She grew up with her parents, an older sister, and a younger brother.

Megan's daily mentality is: You got this! -- and she applies it to every aspect of her life! Most notably, to her after-school program. Megan meets, greets, entertains, and educates 75 young (very energetic) kids each day.

75 kids would keep anyone on their toes. But with Megan’s consistent you got this attitude, she’s able to keep calm and teach her kids the exact same can-do philosophy.

But it’s more than just words -- it’s Megan’s actions and her approach to managing her diabetes that enable her to practice what she preaches.

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A Diabetes Diagnosis Didn’t Stop Her

Megan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two days before Christmas in 2015. She ended up in the ICU, thinking her life was completely over.

At the time of her diagnosis, like most, Megan thought that having diabetes meant she could no longer do the things she loved or eat what she wanted.

But after she took a moment to mourn her life before diabetes, she was ready. Ready to conquer this new way of life, full speed ahead.

She picked herself up and continued to do everything she always did! Megan decided she would never let her diagnosis slow her down.

And since then, she’s stayed right on track.

“Having diabetes has taught me to never let this disease hold me back from accomplishing anything I want to do.”

Walking out of that hospital on Christmas day is Megan’s biggest accomplishment to date. And for great reason! Diabetes has yet to slow her down.

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Owning Her Diabetes

Initially, Megan felt out of place and alone with her diabetes, as so many of us do. But then, she did something about it. She found a nearby JDRF Walk and joined in.

It was at that very first JDRF Walk that Megan realized she was not alone.

It was a turning point for her in her diabetes, recognizing just how many other people are right there with her, day in and day out, fighting in the trenches.

Today, Megan continues to own her diabetes. On the one hand, Megan admits, a cure would be nice.

But on the flip side, her diabetes has taught her how to be so strong. Stronger than, perhaps, without it.

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Until that cure comes, she keeps up with all her diabetes data using her One Drop app. Megan is keen on spotting all the trends visible to her in the app, and making adjustments accordingly.

Although she would love to know the perfect amount of insulin to take at any given time, her current strategies are definitely powerful and headed in the right direction.

What’s next for Megan?

“Going to Paris and eating all of the carbs!”


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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 16, 2019

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