The Spring Break Survival Guide for People With Diabetes ☀️

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It's that time of year again! The much-anticipated spring break season is underway, which means coast-to-coast travels, road trips, overnight flights, Clark Griswold-style family vacations, all-day beach hangs and much more.

Whether you're traveling with family or friends, everyone can use a dose of how to manage diabetes while on the road.

Take a look at our Spring Break Survival Guide below for tips and tricks on how to plan for your week of fun, sun, and travel. 😎

Diabetes Supplies

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you'll need for the week ahead, and then some. You never know what kind of situation you're going to run into when you're in a new setting, so plan ahead for anything that could come your way.

  • Insulin on insulin on insulin - the more the merrier! Pack the amount you'll need, plus an additional amount (in case you misplace your vial/pens or your initial supply goes bad/runs out).

  • Injectables. You've gotta get your insulin somehow! If you're running on syringes or pens be sure you've got all the essentials. How many injections do you plan on taking per day? How many do you typically use, and how will this trip affect that number?

  • Pump supplies. If you're a Pumper, you know the slew of supplies you need for proper accommodation. Are you headed to a humid, tropical place? Those sites may fall off from the heat on a daily basis. Skiing? Same thing here, but from all the heavy garb: make sure you pack twice the backup for infusion sets.

  • CGM sites. Same as above - and don't forget your adhesives!

  • Batteries. Especially for those of you going to higher altitudes! The higher above sea-level, the quicker the batteries could run out. Be prepped and ready with back-up batts (for meters,CGMs and pumps).

  • Test Strips are King. Pack a punch - make sure you have plenty to go around, just in case.

    ⭐️ PRO-TIP: To consolidate space, put 2 vials worth of tests strips into one.

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    • What's the outfit situation like? If you'll be on the beach, do you have a good coverup/shorts with pockets that can hold what you need? Grab a small beach bag so you can throw in any snacks or extra supplies you might need while you're enjoying your fun in the sun.

    • Headed to the jungle? Grab a backpack big enough to set you up for a day of success. Make sure it can hold backup supplies and an array of carb-y snacks.

    • If ski slopes are your thing, make sure you've got a jacket (and pants!) with some serious pocket room. Don't get stuck up there on the mountain! Pack those pockets full of syringes, pens, or a site, and glucose tabs (always... tabs).

    Airport Travel

    • If your week-long vacay requires a flight (or two!), make sure you've packed up everything properly. That airport security line shouldn't slow you down if you've got all supplies bundled in a clear, plastic bag. That way, if you get any raised eyebrows from TSA, simply whip out your bag and get a quick 'A-OK.'

    • Tube Pumpers, now's the time to unhook your pump and place it in that bin. By doing so, you eliminate the whole pat-down process and can get to your gate without the hustle.


    • If you're headed down the Nile, or any other great water adventure, make sure to bring some water bags. Who knows what kind of rapids are headed your way! Don't let waves crash on your vacation. Pack up properly so that none of your 'betes gear is in danger of water-damage.

    • Going cross-country, or cross-continents? Make sure to set/edit your date/times on all your devices right before changing time-zones.

    • Long day out in the sun? Be cognizant of those blood sugar levels and make sure you're watching for any spikes or drops.

    You never know what you're going to see or who you're going to meet on your travels. You might even bump into a fellow person with diabetes on your trip!

    As long as you plan ahead and pack appropriately, you'll be all set to enjoy new adventures with few (if any) diabetes hiccups along the way.

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    Mary Elizabeth Adams
    Mar 06, 2019

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