Products We Love: Raw Amour, the Chocolate Truffle for People With Diabetes

Products We Love: Raw Amour, the Chocolate Truffle for People With Diabetes - One Drop


It's on everyone's mind this time of year. So how do we people with diabetes indulge?

Raw Amour Chocolate

There's a pretty great option out there that you've probably never heard of: Raw Amour.

It's raw, organic, gluten-free, paleo, low-glycemic CHOCOLATE. And if that's not enough to pique your interest, these little truffles were created specifically for people with diabetes.

Yes, you read that right -- Dr. Marc Rosenbaum cooked up a new chocolate treat for PWDs with a glycemic index value close to zero. Meaning fewer BG spikes and less insulin to take (if any at all!).

As a person with diabetes, I often find it difficult to steer clear of the sweet treats, especially around holidays like Valentine's Day. But when I heard about Dr. Rosenbaum's miracle sweet, I just had give it a go. A few of us in the One Drop office sat down to review Dr. Rosenbaum's creation.

Here's What We Found

Jenn had her reservations before trying the self-proclaimed low-carb treats. But she did a very quick one-eighty as soon as she finished her first truffle: 

"Super high-quality ingredients! It's not chalky, like a lot of the other chocolates out there vying for top health marks. It has this surprising taste of coconut oil that kind of comes out of nowhere - and I love it!"

"It's being marketed as a low-carb alternative, but it most definitely does not taste that way - I'd pick these diabetic truffles over a high-carb alternative any day! None of the carbs, but all of the flavor - heck yeah!" 


As for me, compared to other dark chocolates out there, this is my new favorite. It has this smooth, velvety sweetness to it that should quell any chocolate craving.

The original with the cashew butter in the middle is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but I particularly liked the coffee option - still sweet, but a little salty, and some crunchiness mixed in from the coffee beans. rawAmour-quote1 So, basically, Raw Amour chocolate is delicious.

But How Did Raw Amour Impact Our Blood Sugars?

With Jenn's first round, she consumed 4 truffles (12g of carbs) and bolused 2 units. She had a before blood sugar reading of 94 mg/dL. And 2 hours after Raw Amour consumption?

Drum roll please... a blood sugar reading of 122 mg/dL!

No spikes, no problems. In day 2 of our trials, Jenn was 232 mg/dL and stuck to just one truffle (3g of carbs), and only gave herself insulin to cover her high blood glucose (BG). Result? A solid 132 mg/dL two hours later.

I started with a BG of 82 mg/dL in my first trial run. I consumed a total of 3 truffles (9g of carbs) and didn't take any insulin. The result?

A practically perfect reading 2 hours later of 102 mg/dL.

The next day, with a starting blood glucose of 132 mg/dL, I stepped things up a notch, consuming 4 truffles (12g of carbs), and I bolused 0.75 units. Two hours later I landed a 127 mg/dL, with no spikes to speak of.

Would We Recommend Raw Amour?

For sure! The next time you're in a funk and need that sweet fix, or if you're searching for the perfect treat to give your significant-other on that oh-so-special day, look no further than Raw Amour.

Not only is it so low in carbs that a PWD might not even need insulin for it, but it also has such an undeniably delectable taste and texture that you may never go back to those higher-carb options. It gets a five-star approval rating from One Drop. 

Want to Try It Out for Yourself?

Grab your very own low carb, low sugar, Raw Amour chocolates here

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NOTE: We write these reviews to highlight products we like that help support a healthy lifestyle. We do this as service to our members. We are not paid for any reviews, nor do we accept payment for any products we review. 

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Feb 10, 2019

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