Shifting Perspective on Life With Diabetes

Shifting Perspective on Life With Diabetes - One Drop

I have never been so emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and diabetically (is that a word?) as strong as I am today. I have had diabetes for the last 40 years and with it, for a long time, came a multitude of barriers.

At diagnosis, I was told how horrible life would be with diabetes; I bought into this way of thinking for a long time. Living out this truth -- that life with diabetes is simply, inevitably disastrous -- involved seizures from really poor management, losing all vision in one eye, poor cardiovascular strength, disconnection from my body, anger, denial, and victimization.

But one day, I literally woke up and decided that it was all up to me. No one else is to blame for how I treat this body. Not only did my shift in perspective empower me, it changed my life.
I decided not to buy into any limiting beliefs. I decided to believe in me. And when I see others believing in themselves, it reminds me to never give up.⁣⁣⁣ So today, I want to share with you a few of the beliefs that helped me change my own perspective, in hopes that maybe it will help you shift your own.

How to Own Your Diabetes

Having diabetes, for many, is perceived as a curse. I believe, though, that we can become stronger and more knowledgeable by living with diabetes. Diabetes can be a great teacher if we let it. It can help us become better planners, more empathetic, master jugglers, and lifelong scientists.

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If we let it, diabetes can be our own greatest teacher. It has given me the awareness of how amazing our bodies are when we believe in it and choose to be a champion for ourselves instead of a victim of circumstance. It can do the same for you, if you let it.

The life of your dreams starts with believing in yourself regardless of circumstance or challenges. So pack up your insulin, pills, syringes, sugar tablets, and whatever else you need to start kicking butt like your life depends on it.

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Azure Wolfe
Jul 16, 2020

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