This NYC Firefighter Thrives with Diabetes

This NYC Firefighter Thrives with Diabetes

New York City firefighter Josh Fiore has been battling flames, responding to medical calls, and driving iconic big red trucks to accident scenes for 15 years. He also happens to have type 1 diabetes.

Fiore always longed to become a firefighter, but when he got diagnosed with diabetes while training at the fire academy, multiple doctors told him he’d never become a full duty firefighter. He thought his dream was over before it even got started.

But, he became a student of his body and, with a willingness to learn, discovered what worked for him. He didn’t just overcome the odds. He extinguished them with the kind of fervor you’d expect from a New York City native.

To celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re putting the lens on Fiore and the path he walked to achieve his dream.

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Kim Constantinesco
Nov 19, 2020

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