Type 2 Diabetes is My Greatest Teacher

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Michael Casto is dad, soulmate, engineer, mountain bike rider, and lover of heavy metal. He also lives with type 2 diabetes.

We reached out to Michael to learn more about what it takes to be a diabadass, and how he got there. Here's what he told us.

OD: What's your diabetes story?

MC: My diabetes story started early in 2017. I’ve always had issues dealing with hypertension for most of my adult life, so I went on a regular doctor visit and they of course checked my blood sugar.

I fasted 12 hours before my appointment; when they checked my blood sugar, it was well over 300 mg/dL. That’s when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

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This was a whole new learning experience for me, and I was clueless as to how to change my lifestyle to deal with diabetes.

I went to a dietitian, and she mapped out what—and what not—to eat.

But the best advice she gave me was to download the One Drop app. From that day on, I was following all of the advice from my One Drop Expert: from what to eat, when to eat, and physical activity.

It took me a solid 6 months of following all the advice, but I was finally able to drop my A1C from a high 8.0% to a 5.7%, and I lost 48 pounds in the process.

Now, I feel great, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I owe it all to One Drop.

OD: A1C goals! So a little bit less about the diabetes, and more about you.

MC: I’m a father of five beautiful daughters, which I feel is the biggest accomplishment of my life.

I’m engaged to my best friend and soulmate, and we have a boy dog named Buddy!

type 2 diabetes success stories - type 2 diabetes stories - type 2 diabetes personal stories

I’m a Production Support Engineer for a company that specializes in air induction parts for some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

I currently live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where I’ve lived for my entire life. I love riding my mountain bike on some of the best trails in the country. I’m also a heavy metal guy.

I love listening to loud, heavy music. You know, the screamo type!

OD: Other than your favorite bands' lyrics, what's a motto you to try to live by?

MC: It's something my dad always told me, and I try to live by it every day: 


He always told me, growing up, that if there is ever something you want to do, no matter how out of reach or hard it may seem, to just do it. And that’s the way I live my life.

OD: Wise words, for any aspect of life! In terms of diabetes, is there anything you've learned since being diagnosed?

MC: Having diabetes has taught me how to eat right and take care of myself. As much as I don’t like it, I’m not sure if I would be in the shape I’m in right now if I wasn’t diagnosed.

OD: What about your best diabetes moment on record?

MC: Finding out that I dropped my A1C down to a 5.7%.

OD: That's a great moment! Awesome work. One last thing - if you had all of the time, and none of the cares, what would you do?

MC: I want to travel, and see the world. Me and my soulmate, Tricia, plan on traveling when we retire, and I’m so excited to see different parts of the world!

I’m also a huge car guy. I absolutely love old cars, and would love to restore one when I get the time to.  

Major kudos to Michael for reaching his A1C goals! We know the time it took, and effort you put in to get there. Keep up that diabadass spirit!

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 15, 2018

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