Beyond Type 1 and One Drop Partner to Inspire and Empower People With Diabetes

Beyond Type 1 and One Drop Partner to Inspire and Empower People With Diabetes

Beyond Type 1 and One Drop join forces to build and empower a worldwide community of people with diabetes through various support programs, platforms, and community efforts


New York, NY — November 4, 2019 — Beyond Type 1, a nonprofit organization changing what it means to live with diabetes, and One Drop, a leader in the development of digital therapeutics solutions for diabetes, today announced a partnership designed to connect and empower the global diabetes community. Together, the two companies will collaborate on a year-long series of promotions, events, and campaigns that promote support for people everywhere living with diabetes.

Through this partnership, One Drop will provide broad support for Beyond Type 1’s programs and initiatives. Most notably, One Drop will sponsor the TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes online communities, which have provided support and resources to English and Spanish speaking people with diabetes for more than 10 years. Other Beyond Type 1 programs supported by the partnership include: Beyond Type Run 2019, Slipstream Weekends 2020 (in partnership with Connected in Motion), scholarships that will be available through Diabetes Scholars, and other platform and event integrations. Together, the two companies seek to change the conversation surrounding diabetes, removing the stigma and replacing it with encouragement, hope, and support.

People with diabetes spend, on average, just one hour per year discussing diabetes with their doctor. The other 8,759 hours of the year are spent dealing with diabetes alone, navigating real life from one moment to the next. Beyond Type 1 and One Drop will build and support a unified, inspired, and informed global community of people who are all on the same journey, promoting widespread and immediate dissemination of knowledge and experience, and allowing everyone to learn from each other and navigate diabetes better each day.

"Beyond Type 1 and One Drop share a vision for the way that data and technology can improve the lives of those with diabetes. Our two organizations put community first, and believe strongly in improving lives today," said Beyond Type 1 CEO Thom Scher. “Beyond Type 1 is grateful to have One Drop’s support.”

“There are no limits to what people with diabetes can achieve,” said One Drop Founder & CEO, Jeff Dachis. “Beyond Type 1 has built a robust support system for those of us living with diabetes. One Drop is elated to be working together to expand and elevate that support system, and change the way people think and feel about diabetes.”


About Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organization changing what it means to live with diabetes. Through platforms, programs, resources, and grants, Beyond Type 1 is uniting the global diabetes community and providing solutions to improve lives today. Founded in 2015 with a focus on education, advocacy and the path to a cure for Type 1 diabetes, Beyond Type 1 has grown to also include programs for those with Type 2 diabetes. A new model of philanthropy, Beyond Type 1 aims to change what it means to live with chronic illness. For more information, visit or follow @beyondtype1 on social media.