One Drop Exclusive: One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring System Now Connects to Apple Watch

One Drop Exclusive: One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring System Now Connects to Apple Watch

NEW YORK, NY, September 11, 2018 — One Drop expands their industry leading Apple Watch diabetes management solution by offering the first and only wireless blood glucose monitoring system to connect directly to Apple Watch.

One Drop is as an award-winning, digital diabetes management solution delivering exceptional clinical outcomes, including absolute reduction in A1C, through its evidence-based self-care tools, professional coaching, and data-driven insights. As people with diabetes continue to look for the easiest and most convenient ways to lessen the burden of managing their condition, One Drop continues to innovate and offer the simplest, most elegant, and most accessible solutions to support and empower their users.

Through industry leading integrations with technology powerhouses like Apple, One Drop has become one of the fastest growing and most popular diabetes management solutions. Smartwatch use in health and wellness continues to explode with Apple Watch sales up 10.3% in 2017, accounting for more than half of all smartwatches. Apple sold 4.7M Watches last quarter, representing 17 percent of the global market, according to IDC. The marriage of One Drop | Mobile and Apple Watch allows users to accurately log, monitor, and share their diabetes data and import other biometric telemetry straight into One Drop to optimize their diabetes management.

One Drop was the first diabetes company to launch a companion Apple Watch app and has been available to manually log blood glucose, food, medication, and exercise moments, and view daily stats and goals. Now, One Drop gives users the option to seamlessly transfer blood glucose data from One Drop | Chrome directly to the Apple Watch companion app, making One Drop the first and only device to send blood glucose data directly to Apple Watch.

Apple Watch bluetooth connectivity is the newest of thousands of One Drop integrations that allow users to pull their data from other apps and devices they love into One Drop | Mobile, making it one of the most robust solutions for diabetes, weight loss, hypertension, and diabetes prevention. One Drop captures data from Apple HealthKit, Google Fit Fitbit, Dexcom, and Companion Medical's InPen, among others. With the release of iOS 12, One Drop will further expand iOS integrations by launching Apple Health Records and Siri Shortcuts. Users subscribed to One Drop | Experts can grant their coach permission to view vitals, labs, and medications shared to Apple Health Records. Personalized Siri Shortcuts to log food moments, and recall average blood glucose and percent in blood glucose range, will optimize the hands-free user experience.

Connecting One Drop | Chrome directly to the Apple Watch requires a BTLE enabled Apple Watch (Series 2 and above) and the new One Drop | Chrome. One Drop will begin shipping Apple Watch-integrated One Drop | Chrome glucose meters on September 12. The new One Drop | Chrome glucose meters will be available in 3 new accent colors (white, black, and orange) with matching carry case accent stitching.

Recently, One Drop announced One Drop | Automated Decision Support. Once Drop accurately provides forecasted blood glucose prediction values over time and provides behavioral recommendations based on those predictions. One Drop's propriety AI generates accurate predictions for a single user based on over 1.3 billion aggregate longitudinal diabetes health data of all people utilizing the One Drop platform. Uniquely, this allows One Drop to provide a user with accurate predictions after entering a single data point and improves over time. One Drop | Automated Decision Support will be offered to free mobile users later this month.

“For too long the diabetes industry has operated on point solutions and closed systems focused on the needs of healthcare providers in the clinic, rather than the needs of the people using the systems to manage their disease every day,” said Jeff Dachis, One Drop CEO. “We are excited to further empower One Drop users with this exciting addition to the One Drop  experience.”

One Drop is focused on improving outcomes for people with diabetes by creating the world’s best diabetes user experiences. One Drop is an elegant solution that empowers people with diabetes to actively engage in their day to day management and achieve great health outcomes.  The addition of Apple Watch connectivity and One Drop | Automated Decision Support further strengthens the digital therapeutics company as a powerful, affordable, and clinically effective solution for millions worldwide. By offering innovative and integrated self-care tools, One Drop users easily manage their data, gain insights, and take action to successfully reach their goals, and support healthcare providers and health systems to achieve their population health goals while lowering the overall cost of care.