One Drop’s Digital Diabetes Management System Now Available in Select US Apple Stores

One Drop’s Digital Diabetes Management System Now Available in Select US Apple Stores

Purchase includes One Drop’s Wireless Glucose Monitoring System and one year of unlimited access to certified diabetes coaches for 24/7 support


NEW YORK, NY, June 27, 2019 — One Drop, a leader in the development of digital therapeutics solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, today announced that its wireless glucose monitoring system, One Drop | Chrome, is now available at select Apple stores in the US. Purchasers of the system also receive one year of unlimited diabetes coaching via One Drop’s award-winning mobile app.

“The healthcare industry is deeply invested in resisting progress, but consumerized, data-driven, digital health is becoming a reality,” said Jeff Dachis, One Drop Founder and CEO. “Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans today, many of whom face a tremendous amount of stigma and lack of adequate support from an over-burdened system. One Drop is shifting value towards the consumer, while remaining relentlessly focused on improving outcomes and quality of life.”

One Drop’s industry-leading digital diabetes coaching and education program was the first ever to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association and has since been expanded to offer programs for pre-diabetes, weight management, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The program connects each participant with a dedicated Certified Diabetes Educator to successfully manage their condition.

The company recently expanded its AI-powered Predictive Insights to include 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for One Drop | Mobile iOS users with type 2 diabetes, including those on oral medications and/or basal insulin regimens, making One Drop the only provider of blood glucose forecasts for people with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the One Drop app offers an easy-to-use Personal Health Assistant — a digital tool for monitoring medication, food, and physical activity as well as blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and other health markers.

Through industry-leading integrations, One Drop has become one of the fastest growing diabetes management solutions worldwide. The One Drop | Mobile app supports HealthKit, CareKit, Health Records, and Siri Shortcuts on iPhone, supports Google Fit on Android, and integrates directly with Fitbit and Dexcom on both iPhone and Android devices. The One Drop | Chrome glucose monitor also sends blood glucose data directly to iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices.

One Drop's unique approach combines personalized one-on-one coaching, AI-powered insights, and the latest mobile technology to deliver affordable, effective care to the greatest number of people possible. Proprietary machine learning — powered by health data collected from over 1.2 million One Drop users — generates actionable advice that connects behavior with outcomes to simplify decision making and promote lasting behavior change.