Withings and One Drop Partner to Bring Best-In-Class Medical Devices to Multi-Condition Employer Program

Withings and One Drop Partner to Bring Best-In-Class Medical Devices to Multi-Condition Employer Program

Company alliance demonstrates integration by delivering connected health solutions for people living with chronic conditions

BOSTON and NEW YORK, July 28, 2021 – Withings, early pioneers of the connected health revolution, and One Drop, a leader in precision health solutions for people living with diabetes and other chronic conditions, are partnering to connect One Drop’s predictive health platform with Withings’ best-in-class smart medical devices for blood pressure and weight management. Together, the companies will bring connected health solutions to employers, empowering workforces worldwide to make more informed decisions and live healthier lives. 

Withings and One Drop share the objective of empowering people to proactively manage their health and reduce the risk of life-threatening complications by using connected health solutions. Through this partnership, members enrolled in the One Drop employer program can qualify to receive a Withings Body smart scale or a Withings BPM Connect smart blood pressure monitor in addition to the One Drop glucose meter. Withings devices integrate directly with the award-winning One Drop app, allowing members to seamlessly measure and monitor weight and blood pressure alongside glucose, A1C, food, medications, and physical activity. Members also receive health forecasts powered by nearly 28 billion health data points, one-on-one coaching from certified health professionals, and evidence-based behavioral interventions for chronic disease prevention and management. 

"We have built a range of connected health devices that not only help people make improvements to their overall health, but also provide medical professionals and researchers with critical data and insights needed to better understand, treat, and improve chronic illness," said Antoine Robiliard, vice president of Withings business-to-business division, Health Solutions. “We are proud to partner with One Drop whose goals perfectly align with our values here at Withings. We see One Drop’s employer program as a way to meet the needs of employees and address health issues in a proactive approach rather than reactive."

Over the past ten years, Withings has become internationally recognized for applying human-centered design to develop award-winning devices and remote monitoring solutions for consumers, medical professionals, healthcare providers, and researchers that measure and collect various patient generated real-world data. Its connected devices portfolio includes smart scales, watches, thermometers, and sleep and blood pressure monitors that track activity and capture more than 20 health parameters. These include health vitals such as body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, heart rate variability, weight, and sleep duration and efficiency. The company’s range of award-winning, clinically validated connected health devices will be used in conjunction with One Drop to monitor and track employees' vitals to better understand how to prevent, detect, and manage chronic illness.

"Teaming up with Withings ensures One Drop employer members have continued access to premium devices, making it easier and more enjoyable to track biometric data like weight and blood pressure," said Brian Kemper, SVP of enterprise solutions. "We expect to collect a significant amount of meaningful health information from connected Withings devices, building upon our unparalleled data wealth and powering predictive algorithms to deliver real-time insights that enable people to achieve health outcomes."

This month, One Drop launched the Withings integration with select employer customers. Withings devices will be available to new and existing eligible customers in the coming months as part of One Drop’s multi-condition employer offering. 

About Withings

Established in 2008, Withings is a world leader in connected health technology. Its team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals have enthused everyday, elegant lifestyle objects with medical capabilities to efficiently track health vitals. Its range of medical-grade in-home devices can monitor more than 20 health parameters and are used daily by millions of people worldwide. Its portfolio of devices that includes connected scales, hybrid watches, smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and sleep trackers empower individuals to take back control of their health, track chronic diseases, and detect under-diagnosed conditions. 

The Withings Health Solutions division supports researchers and healthcare professionals around the world. It provides unique patient-generated health data collection and analysis solutions to remotely and continuously monitor patients' health with innovative, engaging, and non-invasive medical devices.