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5 benefits of using One Drop with your Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

A CGM is a great way to track your progress managing blood sugar levels on the journey to better health. Here are a few reasons why keeping your One Drop Premium and/or test strip subscription can make your journey that much easier. 

  1. Your current CGM could fail without warning. Having a glucose meter and test strips on hand can be helpful if your CGM stops working or suddenly falls out.

  2. You will likely have to calibrate your CGM anyway. If you're using a CGM, you may need to calibrate your device (prick your finger) as well as have test strips available. Additionally, Medtronic Insulin Pump users will need to test blood sugar with test strips and a glucose meter twice each day. 

  3. Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Insulin Pump, Eversense Implantable, and Dexcom are all compatible with One Drop. All Dexcom users are able to sync their device seamlessly with the One Drop app and share data with their health care providers. One Drop Premium members are able to share their data with their coach and get advice and support for better health outcomes. One Drop coaches are able to work with all CGM users, including those using Freestyle Libre, Medtronic, Eversense and Dexcom.

  4. Expert advice at your fingertips. Your One Drop coach can provide support, care, and encouragement based on your CGM data to help you achieve better health.

  5. Customizable plan that works for you. Many CGM users choose to switch to a plan with fewer test strips or change the frequency of their plan. We’re happy to make this happen for you.

If you would like to change your One Drop plan, including cancellation, please reach out to us at 1-800-437-1474 or Support hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Please note that plans are billed monthly with a minimum three-month commitment.

Updated: June 07, 2021