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Complete Diabetes

Get complete diabetes support with our glucose meter kit, test strip plan, and One Drop Premium with one-on-one coaching. Free glucose meter kit included.   
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What's included in Complete Diabetes

  • Access to a personal coach via text chat
  • 8-hour glucose forecasts with alerts and actionable insights
  • A personalized transformation plan that includes proven behavioral science techniques, interactive lessons, and customized goals
  • Integration with thousands of apps let you track your weight, A1C, medication, blood pressure, activity, glucose, and food all in one place
  • Chrome One Drop glucose meter with orange accent (2.75" x 1.125" x 0.5")
  • Chrome lancing device with adjustable depth and orange accent (3.75" x 0.75" x 0.75")
  • Black vegan leather carry case with orange threading (4.25" x 3.25" x 1")
  • Test strips (25 count)
  • Lancets (10 count)
  • Batteries (2 x CR2032)
  • Get 50, 100, or unlimited test strips
  • Annual or monthly memberships

One Drop Premium

The tools and support you need to prioritize your heart and improve overall health. Available on iOS and Android and gives members access to our proven features:

  • One-on-one health coaching
  • Personalized learning content
  • Blood pressure trends and insights
  • Adjustable goal setting
  • Health data tracking

One Drop Premium

A meter like no other

Clinically effective and FDA approved, the One Drop Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter sets the standard for simple, effective diabetes self-care.

A meter like no other

Always have the supplies you need

No prescriptions. No copays. No hassles. Subscribe to a test strip plan and get everything you need delivered to your door. Standard shipping is always free.

Always have the supplies you need

Explore One Drop

Find out more about the One Drop app and devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

One Drop Premium gives you access to premium One Drop app features including one-on-one health coaching, learning content, health predictions, and more.

At checkout, you can choose between standard shipping (5-10 days) or expedited shipping (2 business days).

To receive more test strips, a request must be made in your One Drop app by selecting My Account in the upper right. Test strips do not ship automatically.

Yes. It comes with a glucose meter kit, test strip plan, and One Drop Premium. If you already have a meter, consider subscribing to a test strip plan.

If you test once per day, we recommend the 50 strips per month plan. For twice daily testing, 100 strips. For more than three times per day, the unlimited plan.

Please visit this page for information on our cancellation policy and how to cancel your subscription.

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