One Drop Glucose Meter Accuracy

Accuracy is extremely important to us. 20% of One Drop's staff has diabetes.

Unyielding Accuracy

Your standards are high, but the cost of testing your blood sugar shouldn't be. That's why we're offering you an accurate glucose meter at a price you can afford.

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Why does accuracy matter?

You use your blood glucose meter to make diabetes and health choices on a daily basis. Your readings affect insulin dosing, diet and exercise choices, and everything in between. The One Drop glucose meter uses advanced technology and undergoes extensive quality control so you always receive accurate results you can trust.

The One Drop glucose meter is clinically tested and FDA approved!

What does accuracy mean?

The FDA requires blood glucose meters to meet laboratory standards. Meaning, your at-home meter readings must be consistently close to the lab blood glucose tests ordered by your doctor. Here's how close:

  • 99% of glucose meter readings are within 20% of lab results
  • 95% of glucose meter readings are within 15% of lab results

How does One Drop work?

The One Drop system is calibrated to yield results equivalent to plasma glucose concentrations. One Drop | Chrome incorporates proprietary WaveSense technology with clinically proven accuracy.


Glucose reacts with an enzyme in the test strip.


Complex electrical signals are sent from the meter into the test strips


The meter accurately detects the glucose signal by removing common sources of interference and displays a result.

What affects accuracy?

The accuracy of a blood glucose meter can be affected by a number of factors, including your red blood cell count (hematocrit), altitude, and temperature.

Our glucose meter uses advanced WaveSense technology that detects and corrects for these factors, so you can receive accurate and reliable blood sugar readings.

Reliable quality

One Drop test strips are made with precision and undergo a 27-point quality assurance process. The goal? Create the perfect test strip for accurate and reliable blood sugar readings, every time.

Additional Reading

Studies have shown that the WaveSense dynamic electrochemistry employed in AgaMatrix meters is effective in delivering accurate results within a wide range of hematocrit and testing conditions. Browse our available white papers to learn more.