Navigating Diabetes, Together

Simple, Powerful, Convenient.
blood glucose dial

Simple Logging

You can only manage what you measure. Finally, all my stuff in one place.


Easy Sharing

You are not alone. One Drop enables us all to share and learn from each other!


Powerful Insights

Powerful data-science under the hood delivering insights you can take action on each and every day.


Simple Logging

  • Glucose, Food, Meds and Activity – all in one place
  • Sync data from other apps via Apple Health (e.g., CGMs, bluetooth meters, food & activity trackers)
  • Save & share pictures, notes, tags, and tips with every moment
  • Set goals and track daily progress via Apple CareKit
Me Stream
blood glucose logging
check glucose


  • Sync data from CGMs and bluetooth meters via Apple Health (e.g. Dexcom, OneTouch Verio Sync, AccuCheck Aviva Connect and more)
log meds


  • Schedule daily meds and reminders
  • Track insulin pump basal rates and temp basals
scheduled meds
food library
log food


  • Search the world’s largest built-in food database
  • Scan barcodes & save favorites
  • Count carbs automatically — One Drop does the math for you!
log workouts


  • Automatically track activity using your phone’s built-in pedometer
  • Sync data from other activity trackers via Apple Health (e.g. Nike+ Running, UP by Jawbone, Garmin Connect and more)
activity logging
diabetes community

Easy Sharing

  • Share your data with your care team – family, friends, health care providers – instantly
  • Show support with a “like” or leave a sticker — WAY2GO!
  • Share “pro-tips” to help everyone learn!
  • Everything is anonymous — we keep your data secure
diabetes insights

Data-Driven Insights

  • All the essentials displayed right above your daily timeline
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly stats, showing your trends over time
  • Know where you are today and where you want to go
diabetes insights
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Introducing One Drop | Premium

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Managing your diabetes should be an integrated part of your lifestyle – something that empowers, keeps you mindful, and helps to motivate. So, we’ve redesigned the experience of managing diabetes from the ground up.

Introducing One Drop | Premium: One monthly subscription. Everything you need.

  • One Drop Meter + Lancing Device + Carry Case: devices to match your lifestyle — seamlessly integrated & accurate
  • Unlimited Test Strips: all the test strips you need delivered direct to your door
  • One Drop Experts: on-demand, 24/7 in-app diabetes support from Certified Diabetes Educators

And you’ll get it all for the price of a co-pay. No prescriptions, no insurance, no hassle.

The One Drop blood glucose meter has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. The above content is One Drop’s vision of the final design that will be subject to FDA clearance prior to marketing.

Data-Driven Wellness

When was the last time you felt GREAT about your diabetes? When was the last time you felt like you had it all under control? With One Drop you are empowered by the choices YOU make and the choices EVERYONE makes. With One Drop you aren’t making choices alone. Everyone is different and lives their lives differently. We want you to make good choices for YOU and we care about making sure you know what happens when you make them.