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How to set up and sync your Apple Watch

One Drop is the first diabetes blood glucose monitoring platform to integrate directly with the Apple Watch. Learn more.


Requirements for setup:

  • Apple Watch Series 2 or higher (BTLE-enabled)

  • iPhone running iOS 14 or higher

  • One Drop glucose meter purchased after September 2018


Before you begin, please make sure your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch.

  1. Download the One Drop app on your iPhone.

  2. Open the Watch app.

  3. Scroll down to available apps and select One Drop.

  4. Open the One Drop app on your Apple Watch.

  5. Select Add Meter.

  6. Follow setup instructions.


You're connected! Open the One Drop app on your Apple Watch, then check your blood sugar.

If your reading doesn't automatically appear in the app, lightly press the button on your One Drop meter to trigger the syncing process. Confirm the import of your latest blood sugar reading. This data will be saved in both the One Drop app on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Need more support? Call 1-800-437-1474 or email Support hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

    Updated: January 22, 2019