Spring Holidays During COVID-19

Spring Holidays During COVID-19 - One Drop

Spring is a time of reawakening. It's a sort of ringing in of the new year. With warmer climates, many of us are starting to see more sunshine for the first time or new greens and pinks beginning to sprout from the earth. 

This new life is celebrated the world over through worship and religious ceremonies like Passover, Easter, and Ramadan, which promote renewal, reflection, and involve communal gathering around meals.

Typically, those of us with diabetes look for workarounds and loopholes this time of year: how to make it through the fast without going low, how to curb the cravings during the family feast, or what to opt for in place of those delicious chocolate bunnies.

This year, though, religious celebration and worship are a bit different. With COVID-19 still lingering, we’re all hunkered down.

Here are ways to lean into our current state of affairs and adapt to our holy days in new ways of connectivity.

Dress Your Best

Put on your Sunday, Seder, or brunch best. It’s all about getting the holiday started the right way! Whether you pull out your once-a-year coat and tie or opt for a more thematic dress up, now’s the time to (finally) pull off your sweats and put on your best -- or most fun -- attire. 

Go Virtual

If you haven’t already, it’s time to fully embrace Zoom. Or Skype. Or FaceTime. Pick your virtual meeting portal and host or join your Easter Brunch gang or sit at the head of your Seder table. The best part? Everyone always has a seat at the virtual table!

Check in to see if your church, mosque, or synagogue already has worship Zooms set up. Some have weekly worship services, others are daily. If you’re part of a smaller worship or prayer group, check to see if your small group has one in place. You can also set one up yourself!

There are lots of resources out there on ways to make this year’s virtual Seder (there’s also this public Haggadah anyone can use) or Easter vigil one to remember.

Speaking of dressing up, did you know you can dress up your Zoom background? You can add in your own photos (bring out the old family albums!), or use a feature like Snapchat’s Snap Camera.

Worship With Kanye

On this very special edition of his Sunday Service, Kanye West is teaming up with televangelist Joel Osteen, Tyler Perry, and Mariah Carey to have a full-blown Easter Sunday service, available to all.

Give Thanks With Andrea Bocelli

The legendary tenor will be singing -- and praying -- live from the Duomo Cathedral in Milan at 1pm ET on Sunday. Here’s how to join the global worship service from home.

Watch The Sunrise

First light is when Christians believe Christ was resurrected -- a major part in the Easter story. This year, since you have nowhere to be, why not enjoy the Easter sunrise. You could even host a Facebook Live service from your phone, or use FaceTime to connect with other friends or family in the same time zone.

Help Others In Need

Are you accustomed to your 40+ person family gathering and have too many Seder leftovers? Pack up portions of your brisket, gefilte fish and matzo-ball soup to drop off at a neighbor’s home. A lonely, older neighbor will love the prepared meal. Simply call them to let them know you’re dropping it off at their front door!

There are also other ways to help, with organizations like Humanity First, Feeding America, Frontline Foods, Hopelink, and so many more.

And if you’re still not feeling enthused? That’s OK, too. It’s alright to be anxious, scared, or worried in the midst of what should be a celebratory time. We are waiting for this all to pass over. And in time, it will.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Apr 10, 2020

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