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Troubleshooting: A&D Blood Pressure Cuff

How to Import Blood Pressure Readings to the One Drop App

First, make sure you have set up your blood pressure cuff with the One Drop app. For help with setting up your device, click here.

After setup, your blood pressure readings (systolic/diastolic) will automatically upload to the One Drop app. 

  1. Check your blood pressure using your cuff/monitor. For instructions on how to check your blood pressure, click here.
  2. Open the One Drop app, or make sure the app is running in the background and that you are logged into your One Drop account.
  3. If the reading does not automatically upload, press the button for no more than 5 seconds.
  4. Look for a success screen in the One Drop app, or for a pop-up if you have enabled manual confirmation (see below).

If you have enabled "Confirm All Readings Before Import", the One Drop app will present a pop-up before uploading new blood pressure readings. Select the blood pressure values you wish to import or tap "Import All".

  • Select carefully! If you do not select your blood pressure reading(s) at the time a pop-up appears you will not be asked to import the same reading(s) at a later date. Any unselected readings will have to be manually entered in the One Drop app.

Dos & Don'ts of Importing Blood Pressure Readings to the One Drop App

✅ Do turn your phone's Bluetooth on. Bluetooth is required for the initial setup and to wirelessly upload readings to the One Drop app thereafter.

✅ Do make sure you are running the latest software on your mobile phone and you are using the latest release of the One Drop app for iOS or Android.

✅ Do keep your One Drop app running (open or in the background). Do NOT regularly force-quit the One Drop app.

✅ Do keep your blood pressure device within 10 feet of your smartphone when attempting to upload readings to the app.

✅ Do make sure your blood pressure device is paired with your smartphone. To check, open your phone's Bluetooth settings and look for the device name or serial number in the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

Don't remove your blood pressure device from your phone's list of Bluetooth devices (located in your phone's Settings) or from the One Drop app. 

Don't hold down the blood pressure monitor button for more than 10 seconds.

❌ Don't force quit the One Drop app. Leave the app running in the background when you are not actively using One Drop.

For technical support, please call 1-800-437-1474 (press 1). We are here to help!

Updated: January 10, 2020