60+ Real Life Diabetes Success Stories

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Living with diabetes can be a struggle, a seemingly perpetual cycle of blood sugar monitoring, medication, and making lifestyle compromises for the sake of your health. At times, it can seem like you’re battling against your own body, and it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even defeated. 

But for every moment of despair, there are also moments of triumph. It’s those moments where you realize that you have the strength and resilience to thrive with this condition, that diabetes doesn't have to define you, that can keep you going.

Since we founded One Drop in 2014, we’ve been collecting diabetes success stories that capture those moments of triumph. It’s important to celebrate the big wins—a lowered A1C, getting off a medication you thought you’d be on for the rest of your life—to the everyday wins—an afternoon spent in your target blood sugar range, a time when you picked yourself up from a setback and began again.

On this page, you’ll find dozens of stories of celebrities and non-celebrities, people who understand what it feels like to hear the words “you have diabetes” from their doctor and find the strength and resilience to keep going when the going gets tough. 

We get to know individuals from all walks of life who have been able to take control of their health, achieve their goals, and find joy and fulfillment while living with diabetes. 

Every single one of these stories features a hardcore diabadass. 

What’s a diabadass? Jeff Dachis, CEO and founder of One Drop, explains: 

We Think People With Diabetes Are Diabadass 

Consider bookmarking this page and coming back when you need some inspiration. We continually update this page with fresh, new stories.

Celebrities with Diabetes

Though they may have more resources than the average person, celebrities aren’t immune to the challenges of managing diabetes. Many of them have used their public platform to raise awareness around diabetes and inspire others on their health journeys. Check out some of our favorite stories about celebrities with diabetes.

The 2020 Grammy Awards: 6 Musicians With Diabetes

Sherri Shepherd: "Diabetes Saved My Life"

Dame Dash: "Diabetes Makes Me a Superhero"

Mariska Hargitay's Gestational Diabetes Story

Celebri-D of the Week: Sheku Kanneh-Mason

The Oscars 2019

Athletes with Diabetes

Athletes face all kinds of physical challenges in pursuit of athletic excellence, but those who also have diabetes encounter an added level of complexity. Diabetes can affect nearly every part of the body, making it a potentially significant obstacle for people going for gold. Despite these challenges, many athletes with diabetes have achieved unbelievable success on the field and off, serving as inspiring examples of what can be done when diabetes is managed. 

Diabetes at the Olympics: Kris Freeman Goes for Gold

How Jay Cutler Tackles Type 1 Diabetes

Mark Andrews: Tight End and Type 1 Diabetes Extraordinaire

Blind Powerlifter Finds Strength Through Community

Portraits of Possible: Meet Charles

What Golf Can Teach Us About Diabetes

Diabetes Advocates and Influencers

Nearly 4,000 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every day. For a certain few of them, a diabetes diagnosis becomes a rallying cry to take action and use their experience to inspire others. Thanks to social media, it’s now possible to tell your diabetes story, share resources, and create community in a way that wasn’t possible just a decade ago. We’ve gathered stories from diabetes advocates and influencers of all kinds. Get to know the doctors, designers, podcasters, artists, and bloggers who are bringing awareness to diabetes and changing lives as they do it. 

More Than Numbers: I Am Greater Than My Highs and Lows

Meet Ben Tzeel, the Nutrition Guru Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Meet the Swedish Doctor with Diabetes Who's Transforming Chronic Condition Care

How One Woman Turned Her Diabetes Diagnosis into Her Life’s Mission

Greta Ehlers Is Carving Out a Community for LGBTQIA+ People with Diabetes

Writer Behind "I Have the Sugars" Breathes Fresh Air into Diabetes Dialogue

Meet Alex Durussel-Baker, Founder of Diabetes by Design

Bryanna Wilfong Finds Motivation to Manage Diabetes from Her Family

Meet Whitney Lewis from Happy Pancreas

Get to Know Sarah Johnson a.k.a. The Diabetic Cactus (Interview)

Meet Rob Howe: Diabetics Doing Things Podcast Founder

Get to Know Emily Davis, Founder of Chronically Healthy

The DESS (Diet, Exercise, Stress, Sleep) Approach to Type 2 Diabetes

Meet the Mighty Voice Behind Diagnosed Not Defeated

Diabetics Doing Things Podcast Founder: Meet Rob Howe

Type 1 Diabetes Success Stories

One of our core beliefs at One Drop is that diabetes doesn’t have to define you. You are so much more than your highs and lows. The following stories are living proof that this is true. We talked to people of all kinds from all over the world who are managing diabetes while living life to the fullest. From fighting fires to finishing triathlons, these individuals show that anything is possible while managing type 1 diabetes.

Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes: 8 Things I Would Tell Myself

Real Life with Diabetes: Discovering T1D During Pregnancy

This NYC Firefighter Thrives with Diabetes

Celebrating 75 Years Strong With Diabetes

An Educator Owns Her Type 1 Diabetes

Reporter, Jamie Lowe, on Life After His Diabetes Diagnosis

On Juggling College, Diabetes, and Losing Your InPen

Ginger Vieira is Powerlifting Her Way Through Diabetes

Conquering Diabetes One Triathlon at a Time

Iván's Story: Growing Up with Diabetes

True Life: I Have a Diabetic Alert Dog (Part 1)

True Life: I Have a Diabetic Alert Dog (Part 2)

Type 2 Diabetes Success Stories

Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be an eye-opening and emotional experience. It can be the wakeup call that tells you important lifestyle changes need to be made. These are stories of people who’ve answered that call by making incredible strides toward better health. But that’s not to say they’re perfect. Health isn’t linear. It’s full of setbacks and triumphs. What’s most important is that you keep trying. Here are stories of people who do just that. 

It's Like Texting With a Friend: How Chris Uses One Drop to Follow His Passion

Type 2 Diabetes is My Greatest Teacher

Taking Type 2 Diabetes One Day at a Time

Fighting the Good (Diabetes) Fight

Walking Her Way to Better Type 2 Diabetes Management

Manny's Secret to Persevering in the Face of Diabetes Setbacks

10 Years After Diagnosis, Tim is Thriving with Type 2 Diabetes

Elvis: Having One Drop in Your Corner

Going Full-Throttle to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

72 Years Young and Thriving with Type 2 Diabetes

Going Hard for the Bucs and Blood Sugar

Julie's Type 2 Diabetes Story: Focusing on Progress, Not Perfection

One Drop and the Right Support Changed Everything for Virelle

Battling Food and Weight: Telling My Story for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

A Low-Carb Oasis in Alabama

One Drop Team Members with Diabetes

At One Drop, we understand diabetes because many of us live with it every day. We know the disappointment of going high without understanding why, the satisfaction of staying in range, and the power of connecting with others on the journey. Here, we share some of our own diabetes success stories. After all, we’re all in this together. 

Meet the One Drop Team: Jeff

Meet the One Drop Team: Mary Elizabeth

Meet the One Drop Team: Rachel

Meet the One Drop Team: Mark

This post has been clinically reviewed by Hanna Rifkin, RD, CDCES, clinical health coach at One Drop.

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Apr 05, 2023

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