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If you’ve ever turned to Dr. Google to find answers to a question about blood sugar or A1C, you may have discovered that not all diabetes resources are created equal. The truth is that there is a lot of misinformation and biased advice about managing diabetes on the internet. It can be hard to tell what’s worth trusting and what should be ignored. 

So, how can you tell if a diabetes resource is worth your time? Here’s what to look for when searching for information as you manage diabetes: 

Credibility: A trustworthy diabetes resource includes references and citations to reliable scientific journals, news outlets, and organizations. 

Expertise: The diabetes resource should be written or reviewed by a health expert, or include interviews with credentialed professionals to ensure that the information is accurate and relevant. 

Transparency: You should be able to tell who is funding or sponsoring the content and be confident that there are no hidden agendas or conflicts of interest that could compromise its accuracy.

Timeliness: Diabetes breakthroughs are happening all the time. Information in a diabetes resource should be up-to-date and reflect the latest developments in the field, so that you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate information for your health.

We created this diabetes resource hub to provide you with credible, trustworthy information that you can turn to wherever you are on your journey.

When it comes to daily life with diabetes, knowledge truly is power. Tracking your own health data regularly can help you know what’s happening in your body. Once you know more about your own health status, turning to diabetes resources like those on this page will help you make choices with confidence.

Consider bookmarking this page now and coming back when you have specific questions on your health journey. We continually update this page with new resources.

One Drop Resource Hubs

Nutrition for Diabetes: Resources to Help You Stay Healthy

Gloriously Low-Glycemic: 90+ Diabetes-Friendly Low-Carb Recipes

60+ Real Life Diabetes Success Stories

Diabetes and Mental Health Resource Hub

For the Newly Diagnosed

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Diabetes—Now What?

How to Spot the First Signs of Diabetes—Plus, What to Do Next

3 Ways to Make Your Diabetes Data Less Overwhelming, According to a Health Coach

The One Drop Guide to Type 2 Diabetes

Learning How to Manage Diabetes Means Learning How to Live with Diabetes—Here’s What to Expect

A Complete Guide to Diabetes Education

Diabetes Basics

Your Pancreas Isn't Dead!

What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Diabetic vs. Person With Diabetes: What's the Deal?

How Long Does It Take for Type 2 Diabetes Remission?

Adam Brown's "Bright Spots & Landmines" is a Great Diabetes Guidebook

Diabetes Sick Day Guidelines

Five SMART Tips for Achieving Diabetes Management Goals

What Happens When Disaster Strikes?


Why Your Average Blood Sugar Might Not Match Your A1C

How to Lower A1C Without Medication

Check Your Estimated Average Blood Glucose Calculator for A1C Numbers

Top 10 Tips for Lowering A1C

Looking Beyond A1C: How to Best Evaluate New Diabetes Meds

Using Time in Range to Enhance Diabetes Management

What Would You Do for a Lower A1C?

American College of Physicians Publishes New A1C Guidelines. We Strongly Disagree.

Blood Glucose Meters

How Often Should You Change Your Lancet?

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy

Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy: Testing the Top 10 Best Blood Glucose Meters

3 Ways You Could Be Skewing Your Blood Glucose Readings

What Do You Call Your Blood Glucose Monitoring System?

All About Blood Sugar

What is High Blood Sugar vs. Healthy Blood Sugar?

How to Treat and What to Eat for Low Blood Sugar

How to Lower Blood Sugar with a Strategy That Works for You

One Drop Guide: Why Is My Blood Sugar High In The Morning?

One Drop Guide: When to Check Blood Glucose and Why

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

One Drop Guide to Checking Blood Sugar

Blood Glucose Monitoring: Benefits, Barriers, and Beginner-Friendly Tips

When in Doubt, Test it Out: How to Do Paired Testing for Blood Sugar

One Drop Guide to Handling Low Blood Sugar

What Causes High Blood Sugar and How to Prevent It

It's Only A Number: Shattering Diabetes' Biggest Myth

Continuous Glucose Monitors

How to Use a CGM to Manage Blood Sugar During Exercise

Is CGM Technology the Best-Kept Secret in Diabetes Management?

How CGMs Can Benefit Everyone, Not Just People with Diabetes

Kidney Health and Chronic Kidney Disease

How to Check In On Your Kidneys

The One Drop Guide to Chronic Kidney Disease (Infographic)

Life Without Limits Podcast, Episode 17: Eating Well to Protect Your Kidneys

The Case for Incorporating Kidney Health Into Your Diabetes Self-Care Plan

What is Chronic Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetes?

Weight Management

Does Going Keto Mean Weight Gain?

All About BMI Calculators and Alternatives to Estimate Body Fat

What It Takes to Manage Your Weight When Living with Insulin Resistance

What a Health Coach Can Offer You That a Weight Loss Coach Can’t On Your Wellness Journey

Study: How Belly Fat Impacts Brain Function

Walking to Lose Weight With Diabetes

Weight Loss Plateaus Are Part of the Process—Here’s How to Navigate Them

How to Approach Weight Management with a Healthy Mindset and a Variety of Strategies

The Two-Way Road of Obesity and Diabetes

How Weight Loss Benefits Blood Pressure

Your Heart Health and Weight-Loss Goals Go Hand In Hand—Here's How to Reach Both

The Standard Equation for Weight Loss: This Is What It Really Takes

Community Health

Connecting Chronic Conditions to Social Determinants of Health

Metabolic Dysfunction: The Not So New Pandemic

5 AANHPI Leaders Who Are Promoting a Healthier World For Everyone

Diabetes Complications

Can Diabetic Neuropathy Be Reversed?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Prediabetes: My Story

DKA: The Science Explained

The X Factor: Hyperinsulinemia

The One Drop Guide to DKA

Got Back Pain? Surprising Reasons Why and How to Feel Better!

Alzheimer's Disease and Type 3 Diabetes

Finances and Diabetes

A Person with Diabetes' Personal Breakdown of Diabetes Costs

Navigating Insurance Mayhem

Diabetes Can Break the Bank. It Doesn't Have To.


A Story of Diabetes, COVID-19, and Resilience

How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Life with Type 2 Diabetes?

How to Stay Low Carb During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Immunity Boost Your Body Needs Right Now

Gestational Diabetes

Managing Gestational Diabetes: A Beginner’s Guide

Meeting People Where They Are In Their Gestational Diabetes Journey

Portraits of Possible: Meet Melesa

Heart Health

A Registered Dietitian Breaks Down What We Do (and Don’t) Know About Gut Health

7 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

8 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Boost Heart Health

What Transgender People Need to Know About Hormone Therapy and High Blood Pressure

Recognizing Heat Stroke Symptoms When Living with High Blood Pressure

Why Your Blood Pressure Trends Are Worth Tracking

A Beginner’s Guide to Heart-Healthy Eating

Why High Blood Pressure Is Easy to Miss During Menopause

Finding the Best Cardiac Diet Plan for You

Your Heart Health May Be Influencing Your Coffee Cravings, According to a New Study

Here’s Why Taking Care of Your Smile Is Crucial for Your Heart Health

How to Make a Heart-Healthy Morning Routine Work for You

5 Steps for Treating High Blood Pressure With Diabetes

Why Heart Health Is a Necessary Part of Your Diabetes Self-Care

Cardiovascular Disease and Type 1 Diabetes

Reversing Heart Disease Without Drugs: It Starts With Diet

What Does Cardiac Recovery Look Like?

3 Ways to Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risks with One Drop’s Complete Heart Health Collection

Managing Diabetes During Holidays

A Low-Carb Guide to Oktoberfest

9 Not-So-Sweet Halloween Treats

Celebrate Yom Kippur Safely: Fasting with Diabetes

Crowd-Pleasing Crudité Platters, Charcuterie Boards, and More for Your Holiday Parties

Rosh Hashanah: A Sweet New Year, Without the Sugar

Staying Low Carb for Spring Holidays

Valentine's Day With the PWD You Love

Happy Halloween! Don't Get Spooked by Sugar Spikes

Palate-Pleasing Dishes for Your Passover Seder

Life Without Limits, Episode 2: Managing Holiday Season Health Goals and Relationships

A Balanced Easter Sunday Brunch That You Can Dig Into

The Spring Break Survival Guide for People With Diabetes

The One Drop Guide to Handling the Summer Holidays

Tips for Managing Diabetes During Ramadan

One Drop Guide to Handling the Holidays: Winter Edition

Strengthening Your Immune System

Fight the Flu! How to Get Through Your Flu With Diabetes

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy While Living With Diabetes


Understanding the Basics of Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation and Its Impact on the Body

Working with Your Healthcare Team

Is Your Doctor Judging You?

What Exactly Is a Health Coach?

Does Your Doctor Really Know How to Analyze Your Blood Glucose Data?

3 Tips for Working with a Health and Wellness Coach

When Healthcare Hurts

Thinking Holistically About Chronic Condition Management

DCDE Twitter Chat: People Want More from Diabetes Education!

Diabetes Medications 

6 Signs Your Diabetes Medications Aren’t Working

Metformin: Everything You Need to Know

Metformin: The Key to Longer Life?

Is Medication Always Necessary for Diabetes?

Glucagon and Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know

Products We Love: PillPack

3 Ways Antidepressants Can Affect Your Diabetes Management

GLP-1 Agonists and Type 1 Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know

One Drop Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes, Obesity, and the Promise of GLP-1 Agonists

We Asked, You Answered: What Keeps You From Taking Your Diabetes Medications?

SGLT2 Inhibitors & Diabetes

Are Your Diabetes Medications Safe, Effective, and Prolonging Your Life?

Dr. Jeffrey Gonzalez Shares Tips for Staying on Top of Your Diabetes Medications


Fiasp Insulin: Why It's Different and How It Works

What Is Lipohypertrophy?

How To Bolus for Ice Cream

Insulin Chasing: Why More Insulin Results in More Problems

The One Drop Guide to Insulin

A Beginner’s Guide to Insulin

Running on Insulin

Lower Cost Insulin Options Available From Novo Nordisk in 2020

5 Things Every Person With Diabetes Needs to Know About Insulin

Insulin for Less!

Insulin Does So Much More Than Regulate Blood Sugar

National Diabetes Awareness Month

National Diabetes Awareness Month: 12 Ways to Get Involved

Celebrating the Power of Connection for National Diabetes Awareness Month 2021

Celebrating the Silver Linings of Diabetes

National Diabetes Month: Mind Boggling Stats

Portraits of Possible: Meet Kyle

It's National Diabetes Awareness Month 2018!

Parenting and Diabetes

When Women with Diabetes Are Shamed for Having “Big” Babies

5 Tips for Being a Parent with Type 1 Diabetes

Back to School with Type 1 Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Back to School: ABCs of Diabetes

Getting Better Sleep

The Link Between Blood Sugar Levels and Sleep, Explained

How to Improve Your Nutrition for Better Sleep and Blood Sugar

Diabetes and Sleep: The Real Reason for Better Sleep

The Missing Puzzle Piece In Your Diabetes Self-Care Routine: Sleep

How to Sleep Well for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Life Without Limits, Episode 5: Everything You Need to Know About Sleep

Why We Need Sleep

Sleep Myths, Debunked

One Drop Guide to Better Sleep

Smoking Cessation

Life Without Limits, Episode 4: The Path to Quit Smoking for Good

Diabetes, Smoking, and Apps to Help You Quit

Here's Why a Menthol Cigarette Ban Would Be a Huge Win for Black Communities

Understanding the Links Between Smoking and Type 2 Diabetes

Summer and Sun 

Summer Sun and Diabetes

4 Myths About Sun Protection and Vitamin D That You Might Have Fallen For

Vitamin D and Diabetes

Diabetes Technology

DiabetesMine Innovation Summit: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH

The Future of Diabetes: My Three Weeks on a Bionic Pancreas

Dr. Adam Kaufman On Diabetes and Behavior Change

The Diabetes Tech Boom is Here!

How Do We Close the Gap Between Health Tech and Behavioral Science?

Health Tech Should Empower Everyone

Designing for Diabetes: Interview with Sara Krugman and Caroline Arvidsson

4 Ways Apple is Helping Prevent and Manage Diabetes

How the Fitbit Versa Changed My Sleep Habits

Diabetes Travel Tips

Flying With an Insulin Pump

Air Travel Tips for Managing Blood Sugar

Traveling With Diabetes

Stay on Track With Diabetes While Traveling

Managing Blood Sugar On Vacation

This article has been clinically reviewed by Hanna Rifkin, RD, CDCES, clinical health coach at One Drop.

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Sara Huneke
May 16, 2023

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